Tuesday, 27 October 2009

MULTIPLY Rita's "Riting" Challenge #44: Return to the Beach

beach path

“So, here I am again“ were Sheila’s thoughts. It was some time since she had visited this particular beach. This was not surprising, it was in another country and she had to make a plane journey to get there. She stood at the top of the path watching the waves break on the shore. Everything looked the same. It was a typical tourist place, you could buy ice creams, and there was a small restaurant for a meal and bar for a drink.

This time Sheila was not with a girlfriend, or her parents. She was alone, almost alone. She struggled with the pram pushing it down to the beach. She decided baby or no baby; she deserved a holiday again; away from the normal daily routine. Baby Jonas was now a year old and was no problem. He was still at the crawling stage, but could manage to stand on his own two feet if mummy held him. He was admired by all.

“What a lovely child, such wonderful dark eyes and thick black hair.” They were the features that seemed to impress people. Sheila had blond hair and blue eyes so it was clear that Jonas resembled his father.

It was difficult pushing the pram on the sand, it kept blocking the wheels. Eventually she reached one of those nice sun beds with a wide umbrella. She was pleased as it meant that Jonas could play in the sand and was protected from the sun’s rays. Sheila took out the sun cream and creamed Jonas as well as herself, although Jonas had a nice olive skin colour, and probably did not need so much protection.

She relaxed on the sun bed, her memories drifting back to the time when she met Jonas’ father. He looked so different to Sheila, coming from another country, but he was attractive, kind and considerate. Jonas was the fruit of a one night stand. Sheila did not even know where his father lived, whether he might have been married, or anything. She was on holiday at the time and decided to enjoy herself. The girl friends that were with her had already found company, so Sheila was alone, probably in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It was a surprise when she returned home and found that she was carrying a souvenir from her holiday, almost a shock. She realised that finding the father would be an impossible job, so she accepted her fate. Now she would not want to be without little Jonas; he was her one and all.

Suddenly she came back to reality. A tall handsome man was standing before her with a tearful Jonas in his arms, and Jonas was wet.

“This is your son, I believe” he said. I think he wandered away and I found him on shore. He was trying to crawl into the sea.”

“You saved him” she said

“No madam, it is my job to make sure that no-one is harmed on this beach. I am a life saver here and I also collect the money for the sun beds.”

Sheila looked at the life saver and she liked what she saw. He was dressed only in his fashionable bathing trunks, his figure resembling one of the models in a fashion magazine, the water running in droplets over his shiny brown skin.

“Thank you so much” she said “how much do I owe for the sunbed?”

“Oh, nothing. It is my pleasure. Are you alone here?”

“Just me and my son, who you have already met.”

“I was wondering” he continued “if you would be interested to visit the town this evening. We could perhaps have a drink together and a meal.”

Sheila thought it over, it would certainly be an interesting evening with this super body but she decided it would be better to stay on her own on the first evening in a strange place.

“Oh thank you for the invitation” she answered “but I am meeting some friends this evening.” Of course there were no friends, but she had to invent an excuse.

“Perhaps another time” the life saver answered. He left Sheila on her own and Sheila watched him walk away to his next customers, two young girls also occupying the beach beds. He was collecting their money, but stayed a while with them, probably also inviting them to an evening out in town.

Sheila looked at Jonas and looked at the life saver.

“Jonas” she said “there goes your father, the man from who you inherited your wonderful brown eyes and thick hair.”

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