Wednesday, 14 October 2009

MULTIPLY Pete's Pick Week 9: Animosity

She smelt the animosity of the enemy in the air. She sniffed once, twice and was sure, this was not just an invitation, this was was a challenge. She sensed the presence of the threat and felt and smelt his breath. The more the distance between them was narrowed, the more agitation was felt by both parties.

First of all she hissed, loud and forceful hoping that would drive fear into his body. It might be that he would turn, and decide to avoid the inevitable. She hissed again, her voice carried through the night, others picked up their ears, the fight would soon begin.

She moved forward, nearer to the foe, she could almost taste his breath her nostrils quivered with the expectation of the smell of fresh blood. Another hiss, louder than the last one in the hope that he would turn away, but this time there was no mercy, he was as ready as she was.

The fight began, the noise echoed in the night, until others listened, but behind closed doors and windows. So frightful was the sound that no-one dared to intervene. This was just between the two of them. A fight for the right of being, of living.

He fought with pure strength, attempting to tear her apart, lashing out and howling as much as his lungs would allow. She was sly, clever, and was quick in avoiding his attempts to injure, or even kill her. This could have been a fight to the death, were it not for a decision made by a power higher than both of them.

The heavens opened and it rained in torrents. The two cats scurried away, forgetting any plans to increase the size of their territory. Tomorrow was another day and they were longing for something more important. At home there was a plate of food waiting for both of them, and a warm place in a cushion to sleep.


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