Thursday, 15 October 2009

MULTIPLY Creative Challeng #74: Thick as Thieves

Back of Nera the cat

“We are as thick as thieves
Mrs. Human is sure”
“Now who tore the curtains
Tabby, Nera, tell me more”

“It was not us cats
we were busy eating fish
Isn’t that true Fluffy cat?
Of course, we cleaned the dish”

Mrs. Human was annoyed
The curtains they were new
Tabby, Nera, Fluffy
Three cats without a clue

“Mrs. Human cannot be
We were all out in the shed
Together hunting mice
And then we went to bed”

“So who did the damage?
It could not be a ghost”
“Mrs. Human” said the cats
“We are innocent, let’s have a toast”

“It was the cat next door”
Said Fluffy with a grin
“we were all very busy
taking tuna from a tin”

“The cat next door
Is now away from home
She has gone on holiday
So cats please change your tone”

I decided to give it up
With the cats I will not fight
They are really thick as thieves
They stick together so tight.

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