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MULTIPLY Pete's Pick Week 10: The Telescope

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Bang! Bang!

"Sounds like our son has arrived home from school“ were Mrs. Williams thoughts as she heard the door slam to Billy’s room.

“In five minutes we eat” she shouted.

The answer came through the door to his room “No problem mum, just have to fix something first.”

Eventually dinner was ready and Billy arrived at the table, although ten minutes after hearing his mum’s voice.

“What took so long Billy, I thought you were ready.”

“I told you I had to do something.”

“Billy this week everything seems to be later than usual. In the evenings we don’t even see you anymore.”

“No problem, mum, I am working on a project for the school.”

Joyce Williams, Billy’s mother was getting just a little bit suspicious. Billy was a good scholar, but this new enthusiasm with his school work was just a little bit doubtful. She made a decision. As soon as Billy departed for school in the afternoon, she would have a look in his room. Billy left and his mother opened the door to the room. Another strange thing, the room was locked and the key had been removed.

Enough was enough; Billy’s father must have a few words with her son this evening. She knew that boys do have their little secrets as they get older, but this was going too far. A locked bedroom door, something just was not normal.

When Billy arrived home in the evening, the scene was set for a lecture about locking bedroom doors and being secretive. They were just finishing dinner when Billy’s mother spoke to her son.

“Billy, before you disappear into your room, your father has a few words to say to you.”

“Now it comes” thought Billy, “thank goodness I lock my room when I am not here.”

Yes Billy” his dad said “seems it is a bit of a problem with locked bedroom doors. If you have problems with, cough, cough anything, we can talk it over from man to man. “

Mother Joyce was so glad that his father was going to do the parent counselling and so she retired to the living room to leave them to their man to man talk.

Billy looked at his dad as if he was from another world, which was something normal for Billy to do. He always had a feeling that parents were only there as a sort of think and idea police, always examining his life as if something was going on in the background.”

“I really don’t know what you mean dad, I am not doing anything to get worried about; just a special school job.”

“Then why can’t we go to your room?”

“Dad it is my room, and you and mum always said you respect my privacy. If you really want to know, then I will let you in my room, just to show that I am not doing anything I shouldn’t, but I don’t want anyone just coming in and out.”

So Billy opened the door and his father and Billy entered. Half an hour later they came out, Billy’s father with a smile on his face and Billy breathing a sigh of relief.

“So what is it that we mustn’t know” Joyce asked her husband when they were alone.

“Oh, it is really a sort of project that Billy is working on for school. It involved some very expensive material that the school has given him and Billy is just worried that something well break if he leaves it lying around; nothing to worry about Joyce. We should be proud that Billy realises the value of things.”

“So his room is now staying locked.”

“Only until the week-end, he then has to give the tools he got to another member of the class. No reason to worry Joyce.”

He really hoped that Joyce had swallowed that story, although it was the truth in a way. Billy had received a telescope from the school. They were doing a project on the vastness of the night sky and Billy had to record what he saw. It was an exact job and he just did not want to be disturbed. He had shown his father the telescope and his father was also impressed, especially when he was able to focus on the neighbour’s apartment opposite. The magnification was enormous and the neighbour had just entered her bedroom after taking a shower. She was getting ready to go out for the evening. It seems she did not bother with a bath robe at all. Billy’s father at that moment decided it was just a sort of father and son thing and Joyce should accept her son’s reasons. Billy’s father had also made an arrangement with Billy. He was also allowed to look through the telescope from time to time, just for examining the night skies of course. It was so fascinating and he really only had time until the week-end.

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