Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Poetry Posse Week #50: Fall

Autumn Leaves

The Autumns of my life are many
Perhaps coloured in red, yellow and brown
Like the thousands of leaves that have fallen
The red ones were spent in childhood
Starting a new year at school
New teachers, new things to learn
New friends perhaps, friends that have stayed
Bright Yellow a time of hope
Looking into the flames of a warming fire
Or out exploring the museums of life
In a town where history was preserved
Then a golden yellow
watching my children grow
Enjoying their Autumn games
Collecting chestnuts,
walking on mountain paths
Watching the changing scenery
Brown is now upon me
I am now in the Autumn of my life
I sit outside on the warmer days
Watching the trees fold up their branches
Drying remains of flowers
A slow process, as my life now becomes
Perhaps a little melancholy
But there will be many Autumns to enjoy

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