Friday, 18 September 2009

MULTIPLY Picture Perfect: Urban

Building, Luzern Str., Solothurn

Switzerland is not only a country of picturesque villages with old-world chalets and cows living on green pastures. We actually do have a working population and old estates put up in the 1950's where people live in their appartments and go about their daily lives. This photo shows part of the town near where I live, near to the station. The area was more or less built up by large companies supply living space for their workers. Over the years some of the companies exist no more, and the appartments have changed hands, but it is living space. In the large tall building on the ground floor even one of the town physio therapists has his practice. The shop on the left used to be a sales center for Robert Bosch products, the factory being just along the road, but even that has changed hands.

So presenting a little bit of urban Switzerland.

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