Wednesday, 23 September 2009

MULTIPLY Pete's Pick #6: Change


You pass me bye,
No recognition any more
Oh yes, I have changed
You notice the difference

A few wrinkles above the eyes
No longer a soft glance
Hard, without emotion
As if I am wearing a mask

You are sorry you left me
So was I, often
You are sure it was for the best
It probably was, for you

It was time to move on
A change of routine
Find other pastures to roam
You are sure I understood

No, no, I have no tears of sadness
They disappeared some time ago
I know my eyes reflect the light,
Yes, they are tears, but of anger

You are looking worried
You are still thinking of me
Oh, it is just the gun I have in my hand
I always have it with me

You never know who you might meet
Perhaps I had been waiting for our chance encounter
You say you have changed
I am glad to hear it, but it is too late

You see my face has grown olderpet
Beneath this mask I am still the same
If I do not get you, then no-one will
So goodbye, and I pulled the trigger

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