Thursday, 24 September 2009

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #71: Seasons

three cats and clouds

"Looks like we are on our own again this week cats, Mrs. Human is busy doing human things so said we should do the necessary. So what do we know about seasons." Nera the big black long haired fur cat spoke. She carried on "Tabby, any ideas?"

"Well Nera basically there are really only two seasons, the one when we sleep and the one when we are awake."

"That is typical Tabby, all you do all day long is sleep, you don't even notice that there are seasons." Fluffy the youngest cat with the curly white fur spoke.

"OK, Fluffy, Mr. know-it-all, then you tell me what we do otherwise than sleep."

"Well we eat." answered Tabby.

"Just a minute" Nera had a few words to say. "Life does not just consist of eating, sleeping and being awake. It depends on what the weather does."

"Nera you mean when it is raining we sleep and when the sun is shining we sleep and in between we are awake looking for somewhere to sleep."

"No Tabby, I mean there are other things to do. Even you must notice that there is a time when things are different." answered Nera.

"I know what Nera means" said Fluffy "like the season when we have tuna fish for dinner."

"No Fluffy, that is not a season, that is a necessity: for example mice; now that is a season."

"Nera, can you explain that one." Tabby looked a bit puzzled, shaking her whiskers.

"Tabby do you see mice every day? No, of course not" Nera continued not waiting for an answer." You only see mice at certain times. When the farmer human mows his fields, then they are running around looking for a new home. When the weather changes and Autumn is arriving, the mice start looking for food. The humans call it Autumn, but we call it mouse season."

"I know what you mean Nera" said Fluffy, "that's when they slow down and we can catch them so easily. That is the mouse season."

"In that case Nera" said Tabby "we have the main mouse season and a few in between thanks to the farmer humans. What about the butterfly season?"

"Of course, Tabby, I nearly forgot that one. That comes somewhere between the human Spring and Autumn. Then the weather is warmer and if we are clever we can catch a few for dinner."

"I like butterfly Nera" spoke up Fluffy "but Mrs. Human does not like us catching them. She always speaks in a loud voice."

"I know Fluffy" said Tabby "she really gets annoyed, but they are so tasty."

"OK cats, then let's sum it up. We have mouse season, butterfly season." Nera was counting them on her paws. "Only two, that can't be. The humans have four."

"Nera you forgot the sleeping season and the awake season" Tabby reminded.

"And the tuna fish season" Fluffy said.

"Cats" said Nera, "I told you they do not count"

"Why not?" asked both Tabby and Fluffy.

"Well, because, they just don't. Seasons only come at certain times and two thirds of our life are spent sleeping, once a week we get tuna fish, sometimes twice if Mr. and Mrs. Human are in a good mood, and when we are not sleeping we are awake. That is logic."

"What's logic Nera?" the other two cats asked.

"Don't ask silly questions" was the answer "and now let's all go to sleep and dream about the mouse season which has just begun."

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