Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Meet Toby

Toby the Dog

This may be a sort of surprise as most people know me as a cat person, but I am sure my cats will not mind me spending a few words about a dog. What did you say Nera - you don't like dogs. Nera my big black long haired furry monster cat seems to have a few objections. Nevertheless I will now spare a few words about Toby.

As already blogged, I spent almost a week in London. I was staying with a friend of mine and yes, she has a dog (see picture). I love dogs, but my cats do not love dogs, and so I have only cats. Anyhow Toby is a really lovable dog. He was found abandoned in park with two other dogs that were tied to a park bench and given to the dogs home where my friend chose him. He is a dog you just have to love, and I cannot imagine why someone would do something like abadoning such a lovable dog. He is very friendly and spent a certain amount of time sitting on my lap. Now and again he drifted into the garden, but he had discovered a hedgehog somewhere in a corner and had problems in deciding how to handle it. Eventually he gave up and came back inside.

So this is just a short blog to say meet Toby. He was also the subject of many photos that I took. He even posed for a close up, which is more than my cats would do. Yes Nera, I know you don't like close-ups, you prefer posing for a serious photo, but Toby was much more co-operative. He even looked into the camera, which is more than you cats do.

Toby the dog

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