Sunday, 2 August 2009

MULTIPLY Pictures and Words Week 10 - The Princess and the Bird

Photo Credit: Mark Richards

She sits dreaming of her loved one
of where he is, she is full of hope
A forbidden love, she is princess
But with him she wants to elope

The king, her father, tracked him down
But her lover, he ran away
She prayed that he would never be found
Their love was not for a day

In this land so very far away
There was magic in the air
The princess had a witch as aunt
And for true love she did care

She took the lover into her house
and together they made a choice
The lover was changed into a bird
Who sung with a beautiful voice

He flew to the palace to see his love
and perched upon her hand
He sung of his love and eternal faith
And with her his life was planned

This singing bird gave the princess a peck
and then the spell was cast
She turned into a beautiful dove
And they both flew away very fast

The passed over mountains very high
And flew over oceans deep
In the meanwhile the witch cast another spell
And the King was in a deep sleep

It was then that the birds flew back to the land
Where their love was not allowed
They sung together in unison
To wake the King so proud

The two love birds watched the King awake
He was so very sad
If only my daughter was with me again
I would not act so bad

I would grant her the wish to marry her lover
I made so many mistakes
If only I could turn things round
That my heart would not so ache

It was then that the spell was taken back
And the lovebirds regained their form
The King was happy to see his daughter
He decided not to storm

This happened many years ago
The princess has now become Queen
Her husband is now King of the land
Are the happiest pair ever seen

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