Sunday, 2 August 2009

MULTIPLY MM 1: My Own Thing

It seems that Gator is redesigning his boat somewhere in a swamp in Savannah and that the monochrome Monday thing is dying a slow death, to be brought to life now and again by some good colleagues, so I have joined them. Now and again will post some photographic experiments of mine.

Here is the monochrome thing I did for this week.

LadybirdI have been spending some time in the garden lately taking photos of all sorts of creatures that fly, creep and slime their way through life. This ladybird decided to pose for a photo so here she is. If you want to seen the full size of the photo then click here.
So what did I do with this photo. Well the usual thing. I did it in Piknik and changed it into monochrome, twiddling a bit at the contrasts and then brought the red of the ladybird back. I think I even enhanced the red a bit with a lomoic thing, but just cannot remember. Anyhow I decided a sort of black frame with a hint of red would be ok which I did in Piknik and here is the result.


Click here for larger photo

I decided now to play around with a couple of photos I took during the week.

SunflowerSolothurn Clock

Click here for larger version of sunflower

Click here for larger version of clock

I put both photos in Photoshop CS3. I removed the background from the sunflower and did a few duplications of the flower inserting one layer after the other on the flower. I then replaced the clock face with the sunflower. I then removed the background from the clock and put the clock on the original sunflower photo, squeezing it into the space. The frame is a mirror frame from Piknik and here is the result.

Flower and Clock

Click here for larger size

Perhaps some are wondering why the clock only goes up to 11 instead of 12. There is a reason. This clock hangs on a wall in the town of Solothurn, near where I live and was made especially for the town. The number eleven occurs so much in Solothurn, that it is known as the Solothurn number. We have 11 fountains and the steps to the cathederal are divisible by 11. There are also other 11 things, but I don't know them all. Anyhow we are probably the only place in the world that has a clock with eleven hours. It even chimes the hours.

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