Saturday, 11 July 2009

MULTIPLY Writing Prompt #23: the Giant Mouse

“I caught a mouse, it was 10 paws high
Well perhaps not quite, I will tell you why
My sister Tabby cat, she caught them all
So I decided to beat her call”
“What do I hear, you Nera cat
A mouse 10 paws high I don’t believe that”
“It is true cross my paws and hope to die
You are just jealous, it fell from the sky”
“Now Nera you know that mice live in a hole
I just don’t believe that you saw it roll
down from the heaven and fall in your paw
You are just showing off, it is just not the law”
“I saw it Tabby really I did,
it had enormous ears and a bushy eyelid”
“Fluffy you cat, what do you know about mice
You are lying for Nera, now that is not nice.”
“Oh Tabby, it’s the truth it knocked me out
When it fell from the clouds it fell on its snout”
“Nera and Fluffy, so show me this mouse
I cannot see it here, it must be as big as a house.”
“Well you see Tabby” said Nera, “it was still alive”
“Yes” said Fluffy, “it wanted to survive”
“You are making it up as my name is Tabby cat
If you ate the mouse you would be very fat”
“We did not kill it” said Nera and Fluffy
“Mrs Human took a photo, it looked very scruffy”
“Look Tabby” said Nera “here’s the picture tiptop”
“but Fluffy don’t tell Tabby it was done in photo shop”

So Tabby went her way was a little bit jealous
That the other two cats were somewhat zealous
They caught such a giant mouse that fell from the sky
“I just don’t believe it, they ate catnip, were high”

But as Tabby pawed on and walked past her house
She turned her head upwards, looking for a mouse
There is no real moral, don’t believe all the facts
Especially when they come from two very sly cats.

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