Friday, 10 July 2009

Did I ever tell you .....

that I broke my arm on Whit Monday. I think I did. For those with funny feelings about hospitals and injuries don't bother to look any further. For the hardened up members, here are a few photos and some news on how things are developing.

The x-ray photos arrived today on a DVD from the hospital. I ordered them and they were very prompt. They don't even cost, although it is all included in the hospital bills that were sent to my insurance. First of all a photo of the break, taken when I arrived at hospital.

broken arm 2

Actually I was surprised. I thought the bone had split, but this is not the case. After careful examination it seemed that part of the bone became independent, just broke off. After a three hour operation, they did manage to screw it all together again. This is the state of affairs, now and probably for ever.

mended arm

What you see is a miracle of modern engineering. Under the bone there is a steel plate and through the plate there is a row of eight screws keeping everything together again. Needless to say it is all Swiss steel, probably titanium, although I am not so sure. In any case I am now reassured that my weight has not increased because I eat too much, but have now a few grammes more steel on the left side.

mended arm 1

Here is another view of the steel plate showing the ends of the screws. I hope you all don't mind me showing this, but after all not everyone has something like this in their arm. Of course I have a very interesting scar to show, here I will just put the link for the curious. It is not everyone's ideal photo, although perhaps we might have a Picture Perfect one day with the title "Show your scars".

The plasters have now been removed. I must say it is quite the source of conversation if you meet someone. You are really the center of attention.

Otherwise things are improving slowly but surely. Unfortunately I can now clean windows, do my ironing and washing and use the vacuum cleaner. Luckily making beds is a bit too much pressure on the arm, but I suppose it is only the matter of a month before I am doing that as well. Everyone seems to be very happy with my progress. The nerve specialist at the hospital prodded a few needles in my arm, watching the reaction on the computer screen and found that things could not be better. Yes, it did hurt, but what you do for medical science, so I just bit on my teeth and smiled. The physio therapist is also quite happy and says that things are coming along perfectly, and am I doing the exercises? I naturally said "yes" but my exercises are more with lifting the iron and going over the floors with the vacuum cleaner, as well as hanging washing up. Who needs a physio therapist. Of course my other half helps where he can, although he still does not like to let me out on my own "in case something happens".

I can also now drive the car, although doing curves is not my speciality. As long as it is a straight road then everything is ok.

So that is the latest news from the Emergency room, I never did get to see that doctor that looked like George Clooney. On Monday I have an appointment with the surgeon that did the op, just to show him the results of his work and to tell him that he did a good job.

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