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MULTIPLY United Friends Challenge #162: How Supercat save Tom and Jerry


Caffeinatedjo's Challenge

Write a first person story as a superhero/heroine. You can choose the more traditional ones such as Superman, Superwoman, etc. or make up your own.

*You have 3 superpowers, Describe those. You also have one flaw or weakness. Describe that flaw.
*You have just returned from a quest in which you assisted a fairytale or cartoon character.
Describe that quest.

No limits to the length.


I decided to have a sleep. Nothing really out of the ordinary as I sleep most of the time to ensure that my energy is conserved when I am needed to help felinity. Since I arrived on earth from the planet Koshka I had performed many tasks, helping the cats of the world to stand against evil doings from humans, suspicious that the cats could take over. This was a joke of course; earth cats were not built the same as Koshkans and could never achieve the super intelligence that my race had. Nevertheless with a little help I managed to ensure that the cats of the earth still existed and retained their feline rights.

I arrived during the crimes of the middle ages. President Bast of Koshka heard by telepathy from the earth cats that all black cats were being destroyed in fires lit by humans. They were accused of wizardry of all things. It was then that Bast decided to send his best cat, that being me, Supercat, to rescue the black cats. The humans thought that the black cats had been wiped out, but they were hiding in a special catcave constructed by myself until the danger had passed.

Today things are different. Cats on earth have put their humans in their place, and when necessary I intervene to show the humans the correct way to handle a cat. There are still situations where I am needed, but the earth cats are gradually becoming independent enough to look after themselves. I had just completed a phenomenal task and was satisfied. At last I had rid the feline world of a threat. I remember when it began.

I, Supercat, was dreaming of a nice organised cat world when I felt something pulling on my whiskers. I opened one of my large green eyes to see what it was and was astonished to say the least.

“Please don’t eat me Supercat, but we have a problem.”

Standing before me was a small brown mouse with long eyelashes and a long brown curl on her head. On mouse standards, she was probably judged as being beautiful.

“Don’t worry little mouse, I won’t eat you, I am Supercat and a vegetarian. My main diet consists of vegetables and pasta. French fries are also welcome.

“You don’t eat mice. Oh, how wonderful.”

“How can I help you, although I am usually only available for help in feline matters. Rodentia are not my case. Perhaps you should ask one of your mouse friends.”

“That is the problem Supercat. It’s Jerry, he has been kidnapped.”

I was immediately awake, my ears pointing in the direction of the little mouse.”

“You said what???”

Jerry, my husband has been kidnapped by Black Cat. It is a disaster. Tom, the cat, is almost out of his mind. I mean what can Tom do without Jerry? He has no real purpose in his life any more.”

“You said Black Cat, the meanest feline ever born. I thought I froze him with my super breath when he tried to take over the Persian cats last year. He wanted them for their super luxury fur.”

“It seems he is back again Supercat, and says he will only release Jerry if Supercat is brave enough to fight him.”

This was serious. Tom had been kidnapped. This would disarrange the cat and mouse world completely; Jerry without his partner Tom, who had chased him through miles of cartoon film in all languages, throughout the world.

What choice did I have? I made my decision.

“Little mouse, tell me where I can find Black cat and I will do what I can.”

“Thank you so much Supercat, By the way my name is Marilyn.”

“Ok Marilyn, let’s get ready.”

I then took a bite in some carrots I had piled up in a corner and I washed them down with milk, flavoured with a pinch of tarragon. I had a good cat stretch and immediately my legs became twice as long and my teeth doubled in their amount. I was ready for a fight. I took Marilyn the mouse in my paws and put her between my ears. It was time for a cat flight once again. It was an advantage for me in the earth’s atmosphere. Not only could I freeze people with my breath, but I could fly. The gravity on planet Koshka was different to that of the earth.

“Supercat you must fly towards the high mountain in the distance. Black cat is keeping Jerry prisoner in his lair in the mountain cave.”

In a few moments Marilyn and I had arrived and stood at the entrance to the cave.

“Black Cat come out, I am ready for you” and I extended my paws into the cave; another superpower I possessed.

When I withdrew my paws I discovered that were full of black hair and I knew I was in the right place.

“Come out and fight like a cat” I called.

It was then that Black Cat appeared at the mouth of the cage holding Jerry between his fangs.

“Is that your answer, Black Cat, kidnapping a mouse small enough to be held in your mouth?”

“You will see Supercat. I am all powerful and will take over as soon as we have finished our fight.”

It was then that Black Cat dropped Jerry out of his mouth into a small mouse cage and spit with all his might. He then threw a steak hitting me on the nose. That was the worst thing that could have happened. Black Cat had probably been watching me for some time and knew that I was allergic to meat. I am a vegetarian as already mentioned.

I felt like I was suffocating laying on my back with my paws in the air.

“So, Supercat, it looks like your icy breath and gift of flying are of no use now. Amazing what a piece of fresh meat can do to a cat”, but Black Cat did not realise that I had yet another power. It was then that I concentrated with all my telepathic strength and I called the rats for help. Now the rats were glad to be able to assist, remembering when I saved them from the scientist that wanted to carry out experiments with them in the laboratories of Silicon Valley. I then flew through the window, bent the iron bars on the cages with my teeth and the rats were able to escape.

Black Cat was just ready to take his last fatal bite on my neck with his sharp teeth when he heard the pattering of many feet and a squeaking that nearly split his ear drums.

“Over our dead bodies will you harm a whisker on Supercat” said a voice and Black Cat was confronted with so many rats that he could not count them any more. Before he could make a move the rats were upon him. At the end of the fight all that was left of Black Cat was some wisps of black fur.

Some days later there was a squeak at the door of my catcave and I had visitors.

“Thank you, thank you” said Marilyn and Jerry.

“And many thanks from me” said a loud voice in the background and Tom the cat appeared, his paws carrying a bowl of spaghetti with tomato sauce.

“Oh that was nothing, I am glad that Jerry is safely at home again and what do you have there? My favourite dish, I could die for spaghetti and tomato sauce.”

“Well, it was the least I could do” answered Tom.

“So what about it Jerry.”

“I am ready when you are Tom” was the answer

and I watched as Tom chased Jerry out of the catcave whilst Marilyn looked on with tears of thankfulness in her eyes.

Yes the memories of this little episode were still in my mind as I returned to my catnap.

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