Tuesday, 21 July 2009

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #62: The Pond

Pond in Feldbrunnen

Plonk, splash, glug, croak - this is good
Hopping onto a log
You might think I’m mad, perhaps a bit dim
But don’t forget I’m a frog

It’s slimy, it smells, it’s green and muddy
I feel good, am really at home
In a pond in the sun, with my green slimy friends
I really do not want to roam

Now when I was young I had only a tail
But could swim and dive in a hole
My mother just dumped me, my dad disappeared
I was a very lonely tadpole

I suddenly got bigger, my legs also grew
but life was a very dull game
Then my tail dropped off and I got two front legs
And things were just not the same

I could hop, I could jump, I could swim and was fast
I caught flies with my very long tongue
When the evening got dark I sat on a stone
‘Twas a wonderful croak when I sung

In Spring it is fun, but the women are few
We men have to take what we find
We follow the ladies, it’s just give and take
But I found they really don’t mind

Then in Summer it starts, water full of spawn
All those eggs of which we are fond
Life’s cycle again, we are frogs and we grow
Oh to be a frog in this pond

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