Sunday, 3 May 2009

To Tweet or not to Tweet

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My name is Tabbynera and I am a Tweeter – I am a member of Twitter. So now I have confessed. The sordid details are that I actually joined a couple of months ago, when Tweeting was not such a crime. I even asked why I am there, for what reason do I have to Twit. After all there are other things in life to do. There is washing to be done, ironing, gardening, cooking, shopping, generally looking after the home and the family, we are not on this earth to sit at the computer and tweet.

At least this is what a few comments have led me to believe. It goes even further. Being a member of the Twitter community it means that I have nothing better to do then make the computer the middle point of my life. That I have nothing better than to spend time on waiting for a tweet or make a tweet myself. The horror of it all is that it must really have me in its grip. My cat Nera also now tweets. She has her own page under the name of nerafairy. She did not want all the cats to know she is tweeting as they might think she is neglecting the art of mouse catching.

The funny thing is I do not have any withdrawal symptoms when I am not at the computer tweeting. I probably spend more time on the computer writing a blog, taking part in a photography site, or writing stories. Believe it or not, but in between I even have time to read a good book, generally one a week. If they are longer it might take two weeks. So you ask how does she find the time when she is stuck to the computer tweeting. Quite easy really, I spend most afternoons on sunny days sitting on the porch reading a book. Sometimes I am even working in the garden, planting, weeding or doing other such jobs, that I really enjoy doing. I might even go for a walk in the country with my camera taking photos. Of course I am usually away in the morning for an hour shopping. Now and again I even clean windows. My tweeting occasions are usually not longer than five minutes and not even regular. I just tweet when I feel like it.

I worked nearly all my life and am now retired after 30 years in the same company. I was even working before I joined this company. On the way I got married, brought up four children (2 step children, 2 my own) and even learned to speak fluent German/Swiss German as I moved from England to Switzerland. In between I learned also to speak Russian and my French and Italian are quite good as in Switzerland the languages are also spoken. Just imagine I did all this, and still manage to have a tweet now and again. I also did a web assistant course and look after two web sites (oh dear, another computer addictive work).

After my retirement I was sure of one thing. That no-one would tell me any more what I have to do. I am now old enough to decide for myself what or what not to do. If I want to Tweet, I will tweet. If someone finds Tweeting stupid then it is their business. No-one has to tweet, it is something voluntary. I am not ashamed that I belong to Twitter (neither is my cat Nera). I even follow people. Just imagine that, I follow people that I do not even know. Stephen Fry, the English author and TV personality, gives up a few good tweets. Boris Johnson, the mayor of London tweets, whether himself or not I do not know and I could not care less, but I get links which are very informative about what is going on in London, my home town.

So now I have got it off my chest. I am not ashamed that I am in Twitter and I have not written this as a justification of why I am there. It is my business and if anyone finds it stupid, addictive, or anything similar, then they have problems. I do not.

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