Sunday, 3 May 2009

MULTIPLY Mono Monday Plus #43 (MM #57)

Wangen an der AareSome time ago my husband and I visited the near bye village of Wangen an der Aare (meaning Wangen on the River Aare). It is a very pretty village and has a wooden bridge, a reminder of the olden days. There are a few of them in Switzerland. These bridges are still used, even though there is only one way traffic. If someone is coming you have to wait until he has crossed the bridge and then you can go ahead. On the photo you see the entrance to the bridge in the distance. The arch is one of the old fortifications leading into the village. The Swiss were either fighting other countries or themselves in the olden days, hence the defenses. Anyhow I took this photo and put it into Piknik where I monochromed it. I played around with it a bit, put it into the Piknik sandbox and after supplying a frame, here is the result.

Wangen an der Aare

Larger Size

Communal Grave, Solothurn cemetaryFor a plus picture I was inspired by Garry's urn and decided to dive into my graveyard photos. There are often people that die and their families have no money for a private grave, or perhaps it is the wish of the person who has gone on. For this reason in Swiss cemeteries there is a communal grave. There are no separate stones, but many flowers from people who knew the deceased. I took a photo of the communal grave which was covered with flowers. I played around with the photo and somehow put it into reverse in Piknik. I don't know why, but I liked the way the grave part started shining, a bit mysterious.

I then put the original photo into CS3 photoshop and did a second layer with the reverse photo. I removed some parts of the original photo to get some of the reverse photo showing through. I flattened it and then did a bit of dodging to highlight some parts of the final photo. I also softened some of the outlines. It then went back to Piknik for a final frame and here is the result.

communal grave with frame

Larger Size

Mono Monday Plus #43 (MM #57)

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