Sunday, 24 May 2009

MULTIPLY Poetry Posse Week 32: The Earthworm

Muddy path, Solothurn

The darkness enfolds my body
Munching crunching the morsels surrounding
Damp and earthy, my destiny for ever
Oh to be an earthworm churning the chunks
Reducing them to crumbs for nature’s wonders
Digesting earth’s values
Enriching my body
Sliming through the underworld
Here a root drawing its moisture from the earth
There an ant on its busy way
A colleague passes by, we intertwine but he travels on
His target being that of mine
To dig deeper and further
To be at one with the underground world where we are born
We are universal, we are ever present
We cannot be avoided
The quenching refreshment of a rain storm
‘Tis then we appear, not solo but in multiple
Taking a breath before we are discovered
To escape again into our world of darkness
Please let us be, let us fulfill our destiny

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