Sunday, 24 May 2009

MULTIPLY Mono Monday #46 (MM #60)

Pigeons in Solothurn, River AareYesterday morning I was in town with my camera naturally and shot a few photos, again naturally. These pigeons were sitting in the sun on the stone wall bordering our River Aare. I told them to stand in a row and keep still. The row was not so neat and they were not still, but this is the result. I put the photo into Piknik, monochromed it and brought the colour back to one of the pigeons. I then played with the contrasts a bit and afterwards made it something called Lomoish which seemed to be what I wanted. I then put a mirror frame around it and here is the result.

Pigeons in Solothurn, River Aare

Larger Size

For my plus something completely different. Actually I was going to do a nice black and white daisy with yellow center for the monochrome, but changed my mind. Not wanting my daisy to be forgotten I did a bit of layering with three pictures: the daisy, my cat Nera (of course) and me in a garden restaurant. Here are the three original photos.

DaisyNeraPat, Oberdorf

I then combined all three with three layers. First the daisy, where I made the center disappear with the magic wand and inserted Nera with the second layer. I flattened it and then replaced my face with Nera surrounded by her daisy all working with magic wand and the clone tool. I also made my arms furry with the clone tool. I would have like to have made a photo with me with a cat head and arms, but it just wouldn't work. I eventually did a sort of polaroid picture with it in Piknik. Here is the result. Nera has still not forgiven me for putting her head in a daisy.

Nera Cat

Larger size

Mono Monday Plus #46 (MM #60)

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