Sunday, 10 May 2009

MULTIPLY Mono Monday #44 (MM #58)

Rap Seed Field in FeldbrunnenIn Switzerland we grow a lot of rap seed. The fields are full of the blossoms in spring. I had never heard of it before I came to live here, but it is used for making oil. On the way home from a shopping trip last week we were driving on the private road at the local castle and stopped the car so that I could take a few photos. I put this photo into Piknik and monochromed it, fiddling around with the contrasts etc. until I got what I wanted. I then put the yellow of the raps back into the photo. Eventually I did a mirror frame and here is the result.

Rap Seed Field in Feldbrunnen b/w & frame

Larger Size

In the airFor a plus I used another photo of the rap seed field, this time with the farmhouse at the side and I did a second layer with the photo that I took from the plane somewhere between Switzerland and England when I visited my father. I used photo shop CS3 and did two layers. I then removed the sky and the hills in the background on my rap seed photo with the magic wand and had the following result. It was more luck than judgement, but I found the result not bad. I then put a normal frame on it in Piknik and here it is.

Plane and rap seed

Larger Size

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