Sunday, 10 May 2009

MULTIPLY Images and Words #1 Pot Luck

Horse in Feldbrunnen

I have the luck to live near stables. There must be at least five horses there and you can have riding lessons. I am not the horsy type at all, although have been known to sit on the back of a horse. I found out
1. They are a long distance away from the ground
2. They are warm breathe and live
3. They are difficult to mount and just as difficult to get back on the ground
In this case, I do not ride, have no intention of learning how to and am just happy watching them and taking their photo.
Last week we were driving home in the car on the private road from our local castle. There was no other traffic, so my husband stopped and I took a few photos from the car, this being one of them.
The words I have used originate from an Arabian saying.

Images and Words #1 Pot Luck

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