Thursday, 2 April 2009

Pawbook and Miaowing

Fluffy and Roschti

"Fluffy, what were you and Roschti talking about in the garden yesterday?"
"Nera you really have to know everything. We were having a discussion about Pawbook."
"Is Roschti in Pawbook as well.?"
"Of course she is, all intelligent cats like ourselves are in Pawbook. We are now in the game where you can find mice hidden in Pawbook. I have collected five up to now and Roschti only three."
"Oh, that's not a problem, I found two in Pawbook." said Nera.
"Hi cats" and Tabby arrived. "I joined Pawbook last week, that is fun. Now you really know what is going on. I was talking to Mr. Grey in Pawbook and he was telling me how things are in his new home."
"Yes, I miss him" said Nera "It's a shame his humans had to move away, how is Mr. Grey getting on?"
"He seems to be fine."answered Tabby "although he said he cannot go out yet, his humans told him it would be better to stay at home to get used to things."
"So what did you tell him?" asked Nera
"I pawed him and said we all miss him, and he should keep in touch on Pawbook, perhaps put a couple of photos up so that we can see what it is like where he is."
"By the way, did you try the test to find out which cat in the White House you resemble most of all in intelligence?"
"Fluffy of course we did. I resembled India most of all - you know the one that owned George Bush" said Nera
"Well you don't have to be proud of that Nera, there have been more intelligent cats in that place."
"Yes, but she looked good, didn't she?"
Tabby"What about you Tabby? What was your cat?"
"Now that is obvious of course, I resembled Tabby, the first cat in the white house belonging to Abe Lincoln. And you Fluffy?"
"I had a bit of a problem answering the questions, after all I am a special cat really."
"Listen to him, you would think he was Bast himself"
"No Nera, now don't be jealous. If you must know, I am most similar to Misty Malarky Ying Yang."
"Who???" said both Tabby and Nera together.
"Misty Malarky Ying Yang, he owned Jimmy Carter. Now don't laugh, he was really something special. Anyhow I don't go into Pawbook so much any more. Since they started games with building your own play center and adopting pet mice, I found it boring."
"That's true Fluffy, who wants to adopt a mouse, that is so stupid. I just eat them." said Tabby.
"I have discovered something completely different and much more interesting."
"Tell us Fluffy, what is it."
"Well Mrs. Human has started tweeting."
"She has started what???"
"Tweeting. It's some sort of human thing."
Nera looked a bit puzzled. "But birds tweet and Mrs. Human is not a bird, otherwise I would have had her for dinner a long time ago."
"Fluffy, tell us more. Humans just do not tweet" said Tabby.
"I know, but you know how strange those humans are sometimes. Anyhow they tweet to each other, on the computer of course. They even follow tweets, which means if a human tweets another human sees it and might tweet back. I had a further look into this tweeting business and found that the cat that owns Bill Gates, has also started a site called "miaowing"."
"Now that sounds good Fluffy, how does that work?"
"Well first of all you have to register with a paw print and then you can start. You can just miaow something like "Today is tuna day" or "It's raining and I am staying at home" I mean logical things for a cat. Now it might be that another cat is following your miaows. Bobinette next door and Roschti are both following my miaows at the moment and I am following theirs."
"Fluffy, I have a question" said Tabby. "What happens if you do not want to follow their miaows?"
"Oh that is no problem. You just say not follow. They can follow your miaow if they want to, but you don't have to follow theirs."
Nera"This is very interesting Fluffy. I think I will register. Do I have to have a photo as well, me being Nera the most beautiful cat around here."
"Usually a paw print is enough, but there is also a Miaowpic where you can put pictures in as well."
"What do you think Tabby?"
"Of course Nera, we will register today."
"I was just thinking" said Tabby "does this mean that we don't talk to each other any more, but only over the Miaowing pages on the computer?"
"Of course, we will talk to each other" answered Nera "but think of the famous cats I can now miaow with day to day. I am sure the Queen of England or the new president of America is owned by a cat. Perhaps even Garfield miaows. I can see untold advantages."
"Nera don't you think you are going a bit far with this miaowing thing."
"Don't bother me cats, I have more important things to do..... What did they say, a mere paw print and you are in - fantastic."

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