Sunday, 19 April 2009

MULTIPLY Pictures to Words #16: Creative Fun

Blue monster

„Hi mum, dad I’m back from the pet shop“
“How did things go Billy, they said they had your new pet ready. Is it a nice little doggy?”
“Well not quite mum, there was a bit of a mix-up.”
“What’s the problem son, they called from the pet shop to say that everything was ready. They did say it wasn’t exactly the dog we wanted, but it was just as lovable and adorable; a new breed."
“Well, dad, mum it was like this. It’s something completely new, a bit different. Not quite a dog, but it was all they had.”
“Where are you son, let’s have a look.”
And then Billy entered with the new pet.
“Oh my god, Fred what is it?” Billy’s mum, Elsie, asked his dad.
“Well it is not quite a dog. Son what have you brought home?”
“It was a special offer, no-one really wanted him, and he is so lovable, aren’t you Blue?”
It was then that Billy’s new pet sort of dog gave a big smile showing his oversize teeth. He really was lovable I suppose, but he was the first Bluey to be sold and of course Billy’s parents were a bit surprised to say the least. Over the years mankind had come far, but so had the animals. Evolution was still in progress and somewhere in an isolated place, the Blueys had been discovered. At first people were careful. Perhaps they were aggressive or even poisonous, but with time they were found to be harmless. They just looked a bit different.
“The man at the pet shop said they are the newest thing as a pet. He only has one at the moment, but another one is being delivered in a month’s time. He said that we could have it for free, if we wanted it; sort of a companion for Blue”
“But he is standing up on his back legs, like a human.”
“I know mum, but he walks that way. I don’t even have to put a lead round his neck, he just follows me. I think he likes me, he smiles at me all the time and likes me to pat his head.”
Billy’s father was now looking quite concerned.
“What does he eat? Have you thought about that? He looks like a new sort of discovery and I am sure he has a special diet.”
“The man said he eats the same as us. We can let him sit at the table with us at meal times. They found him in the kitchen of a MacDonalds where he was eating a Cheeseburger complete with tomato ketchup and chips. He even washed it down with a cola. You see dad, no problem, just put an extra plate on the table.”
Billy’s mum was a little bit worried, but it was lunch time, so she did what her son Billy said and sure enough Blue ate with them. He even wiped his mouth with a napkin afterwards.
Evening came and it was time for Billy to go to bed.
“Come on Blue, time to sleep.”
“No Billy” said mum, you are not taking that creature into your bedroom. He can sleep outside, chained up on the porch.”
“But mum, how can you be so heartless. I think Blue heard that, look he is crying.”
And there were large drops of water falling onto the floor from Blue’s eyes.
“Mum, dad he is so sad. I think he is frightened to be alone outside. It is his first evening with us, and he feels a bit strange.”
“I don’t want to be on my own”
“Who said that?” asked dad
“I did” was the answer from Blue.
“Hey Blue can you speak?”
“Of course I can, we Blueys are not stupid. We have been listening to the human radio for some time now, we had one at home in our village, so there was no problem in learning the human language. My chief told me to let me be adopted by a human. It would be a good thing for our race. I can go back and report how things are progressing. If it is a success, we might move into a human city and form our own little group, that is if you don’t mind.”
“Of course not” said Billy.
“No Billy, we cannot be responsible for the take over of our human race by something blue with long fur and big teeth.”
“And wonderful big lovable eyes, mum, you must admit.”
So that evening Billy slept in his own bed and Blue slept on the nice bearskin rug on the floor. Blue was happy. Living with humans was nice. Good food, a warm place to sleep and someone to talk to. What more could he want. He was sure that his family would love to come on a visit. He knew that his girlfriend Bluette would be at the pet shop in a month and perhaps he could talk Billy and his family into giving her a home as well. Then they could have lots of Blueys together. They never arrived alone, but always in a six pack.
Meanwhile Fred and his wife were also trying to get to sleep.
“Fred, what do you think about Blue, is it a good thing to keep him?”
“Elsie, I don’t think we have a choice. Think of the neighbours. If we throw him out he will start crying and telling everyone how selfish we are. Billy seems to be happy, so let’s leave it at that. By the way don’t forget to buy an extra steak tomorrow when you go shopping for Blue.”

Pictures to Words #16 Creative Fun

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