Sunday, 19 April 2009

MULTIPLY Mono Monday Plus #41 (MM#55)

FlowerWell it's back to the flowers this week. I found this growing in my lawn. They are very small, almost unnoticeable, but with a bit of macro and closeup they are very pretty. So what did I do with it. I decided a quick job in Piknik would be the thing, so I monochromed it and twiddled a bit with the contrast. I then brought the colour back to the flowers and did a Piknik frame around it. Here is the result.


Larger Size
Solothurn StationAnd now for a plus. I took this photo about a year ago. It shows the end station in our local town of Solothurn for the train that goes from Solothurn to the Swiss capital city of Bern. It is where they sort of put the trains to sleep at night. It is a very useful train. The journey is about an hour and goes through some very nice countryside. When it arrives in Bern it goes into a tunnel for the last few minutes and they you are in the underground part of the main station of Bern. As you can see this photo was not exactly a success. A bit milky and I did not like the sky, so I decided to play with it to see what I could achieve. I did a HDR version of it in Piknik and tuned it up a bit. I cannot remember what I tuned up, but played around until I got what I wanted. I then did a photo of the sky which I wanted in the background. I then went into CS3 photoshop and did two layer, one of the station and the other with the sky. I removed the original sky with the magic wand. Believe me that was not easy, there were too many station gadgets in the way. Eventually the patience left me a bit and I called it a day. I went back to piknik with the finished product and put one of those mirror frames around it. Here is now my version of end station Solothurn for the Bern Line.


Larger Size

Mono Monday Plus #41 (MM#55)

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