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MULTIPLY Writing Prompt #9: What happens next?

A character in your story (or poem, etc.) overhears something which confirms his or her suspicions that a friend and/or coworker is in an abusive situation and in imminent danger.

What happens next?


„Where do you think you are going young lady?“
“Out mum, meeting a few friends.”
“But not that gang at the corner of the street again. You spend far too much time hanging around with them. Nothing good will come of it, mark my words.”
“Mum I am now sixteen and old enough to know what I am doing. See you later.”
and before mum could say more Josephine was out of the door and gone.

Josephine had dressed in her best tight jeans and belly-free top, just like the rest. You just have to belong otherwise no-one really wants to talk to you and of course there was Mike. Mike was the boy she had most feelings for. Ok, he was a bit on the shy side, but he did not talk such meaningless rubbish like the rest. He was no show off, and Josephine knew he liked her as well. Every time the gang went out together, Mike always made sure he was at Josephine’s side and he often put his arm around her shoulders in a protective way. He did not have any piercings in his nose, ears or otherwise on his face and that was one of the reasons why Josephine never bothered with it. Of course, her mother would not have allowed it, but mothers always have something to complain about. “You can never do anything right by mums and dads” she thought.

“Hi Joe” she said as she arrived at the street corner. She always made a point of greeting their leader first of all. She was a little bit frightened of him as he had such a loud voice and was always telling the other boys what to do. He also had the habit of getting just a bit too close to her, but to the other girls as well. Some of them were impressed, but Josephine was a little bit careful. It was nice to belong somewhere, but she sometimes had a funny feeling inside. As if what she was doing was not real, a make believe world.

She looked around for Mike, but he had not yet arrived.
“Looking for someone Josi? Mike is not yet here, he has some schoolwork to do. Seems to be more important for him that us. Think we will have to teach him a lesson, won’t we girls and boys?”
“Yeah of course Joe.” said the others
Josephine did not join in on that answer.
“Girls, looks like Josi thinks that Mike is something better than us” and Joe pulled Josephine towards him with her hair and she felt his smelly breath on her face.
Josephine decided to continue being silent but was just plain frightened. Mike never arrived that evening and in a way Josephine was glad. There was no telling what Joe might have for stupid ideas. She did not sleep very well that night.

The next day was Saturday and Josephine decided to phone Mike and tell him what she had heard.
“Hello, who is calling please”
“This is Josephine Mrs. Stanton, can I speak to Mike please.”
“Mike is not here at the moment. He is helping his father at the kennels. Mike will be back this afternoon, just call round I am sure he will be glad to see you.”

That evening Josephine dressed in her gang dress and left the house for the street corner. Joe and his disciples were all standing around and this time Mike was there as well.
“Hi Josi, well looks like a real sweetheart gathering this evening, your precious Mike is here as well.”
“Leave him alone Joe” said Josephine
“Oh dear, we have to leave our little boy Mike alone, otherwise our Josephine will get angry.”
and all started laughing. Josephine ran off.
“Looks like your girlfriend has turned chicken Mike and now we have a few things to say to you.”
“What’s the problem Joe.”
“Problem, no problem, we just think you spend too much time being the school boy and not enough with us. Now it’s time for us to teach you a few things isn’t it boys?” and Mike suddenly found himself held down by four of the gang members whilst Joe put a brass knuckle duster on his hand and aimed for Mike’s face. However, it stayed at an aim as Joe suddenly let out a scream when the first Rottweiler sunk his teeth into Joe’s trouser bottoms. The second Rottweiler jumped at one of the other boys and pinned him down on the ground and before the third Rottweiler could do any more damage the other boys ran off.

“Help, its hurting, please help me” cringed Joe still in the grips of the Rottweiler’s sharp teeth.
“Got a problem Joe?” asked Mike “You know what Joe, I really enjoy learning things that will be useful for my future life, but I also have hobbies. One of them is helping my dad to train dogs. We specialise in Rottweilers, they are lovable animals really, just have to train them properly. I suppose they have something in common with gang leaders, they also have to be trained in the right way.
“Come Cedric, leave the bad boy alone now” Mike called and the Rottweiler took his teeth out of Joe and ran obediently to Mike.
“OK, Josephine, I think we can go home now. Just help me to get the dogs together” and Mike and Josephine walked arm in arm back to the kennels with the dogs. Josephine was glad that she had visited Mike on that afternoon and warned him of what might happen. It was a good idea for Josephine to run off and fetch the dogs on that evening.

Writing Prompt #9: What happens next?

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