Friday, 6 March 2009

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #43: When I am gone - for those left behind


I know it was sudden, but now I am here
It happens to all of us, there is nothing to fear
I hope my farewell went off very well
A party I wanted, perhaps somewhere a bell
Now please don’t forget, to give my cats food
They otherwise may be in a very bad mood
Forget not my blog, it was a lot of hard work
So look after it well, it might even make you smirk
My life was a journey, from beginning to end
so spare me some thoughts, my best wishes I send
children you were born you grew and became wise
so think of me kids, don’t be sad on my demise
I am sure I will find something to pass away time
where I am now I am really in my prime
No stress, no shopping, no washing and no work
it might even get boring, but I will just have to lurk
I have one great wish on my will was not hid
I really wanted a monument, a large pyramid
I found it so nice, the Egyptians had them as well
Perhaps it was difficult, I don’t want to yell
If you think of me now and again its enough
I know it went quickly, I was gone in a puff
And don’t worry if sometimes in the night it might get cold
They told me I can haunt, I can really be bold
I mean no ill will, just want to stay around
It’s too quiet around here, I just want some sound
So if you hear Beatles and also Rolling Stones
just think of me then, I will rattle my bones
I never was one for wise words or advice
So now I will close, life just has its price

When I am gone - for those left behind

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