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MULTIPLY United Friends Challenge #129: The Colony

Crunchymilk's Challenge

The premise is simple... Create a myth. Tell a story to describe something in nature (weather, specific creatures, geological features, an existing myth with a twist.)

Length is unimportant... (I got carried away with mine.) The only rule is that the story explains why something exists in the world, without the BS of science getting in the way - Kudos for creativity and originality.

I wrote this more than a year ago and also included it in my book of short stories, so here it is again

"Very ingenious, Bog and I thought you had been here before? What a place to land, at the top of nowhere. You might be the navigator of this spaceship, but when going on a colonisation trip to another planet, you could at least arrive somewhere that makes things just a little bit easier when the settlers leave the ship.”

“Captain Groegu, I was here a few moons ago on a reconnaissance and found this to be the best place. If you take another careful look you will see that we do not have to jump over the edge as you seem to think, but we go in the other direction where a gentle slope leads us to the bottom, with all due respects Sir. As the colonists will only leave the ship when darkness falls, there is no risk of being seen by any other inhabitants under cover of the night” replied Bog emphasising the word “Sir” in a way that Captain Tab Groegu felt he was being ridiculed. Their planet had only daylight for an hour and their eyes were specialised for seeing in the dark. The captain had his assignment and he decided to ignore Bog’s impertinence and do the best he could in this colonisation project.

Tab Groegu looked out of the window of the space ship. As they were approaching the island he was content with what he saw, the water lapping at the coast, the slopes covered with luxurious vegetation and it was tranquil, peaceful. His race did not like unexpected noises or excitement. They had left their planet Koshka a few days ago and through their telepathy could steer the ship quickly to its destination. Indeed if someone had entered the ship they would have been impressed by the silence, although the crew together with the settlers amounted to approximately 100 beings. No voices could be heard, but an entity who commanded the gift of telepathy could hear all that was necessary. The machinery of the ship, as all machinery on Koshka, could be steered simply by the correct thought process.

Their great leader on Koshka, Bani al Spez Tab, was the first to arrive on this planet Earth, so long ago that no-one really knew when. The human inhabitants had not noticed his space vehicle arrive, nor did they notice it leaving again, although colonists had been deposited in a strategic place. They were the first invaders of earth and over the past more and more came, but this small island had not yet been conquered. The settlers in the ship resembled each other, their colouring being black, but with a white spot on their foreheads. Each time a ship left Koshka and arrived in a colony, the crew and passengers all bore the same marks. Of course with time the colonialists travelled, met other groups and mixed with each other resulting in a mixture of colours and sizes, but this time it was different. They once had success with another island, where the Koshkans stayed amongst themselves, not liking to swim and created a unique species. For this reason an island was once again chosen.

Night came and quietly the doors of the ship were opened.

“Are you ready men and look after the ladies please, they are carrying precious cargo in their wombs. The future of this island lays in their survival. When their children are born here it will be the first steps of our colonisation.”

Tab Groegu had often made this speech before his people left the ship. He said it in such a convincing way that his people went with no fear of the future.

“I and my trusty navigator Bog, cannot come with you as we must bring the ship back to our planet, but we are convinced that you will succeed in your conquest of this small island.”

And so the first colonists of this island went quietly and carefully down the path toward the bay where a small settlement of humans was to be found.

“Nera, my beauty” said Gar to his mate “are you feeling well. This walk is not too much I hope”.

“There is no problem” answered Nera, “as long as you are with me to help and protect I have no fear of the colonisation of this place. The aroma of fish in the air is near, I think we are soon in the little village on the coast.”

“Men, Nera is right, we are now nearly down to the village. This seems to be a truly good place for our first destination.” Gar was the leader of this small troop and took his duty seriously. The history of this planet earth had been embossed upon his mind by the wise ones of the planet Koshka before he left. It was classified in his planets scale as being populated by a primitive tribe, but a tribe that had feelings and were easy to manipulate using the Koshkan influence. There were exceptions amongst the earthlings and a Koshkan had to be careful, but generally speaking the colonisation should present no great problems.

“Gar, where do we go from here. We must colonise this island.” Asked one of the settlers.

“We will stay here for a time and try to pick up some signals from these primitive humans. Although they do not possess the gift of telepathy, we can read their thoughts and will soon sense who means it well with us. When I deem it suitable, some of us will stay here and will influence the humans enough to be in our service. The others will travel through the valley separating the cliffs where we landed. There will be other villages on the way and those that wish may make their homes in the green forests. There will be wild animals enough for us to kill and eat. The others will progress slowly until we have the complete island under our control.”

“And what will happen when our children are born” asked Nera

“Yes, said Gatta, her girlfriend. What shall we do with them. Each of us ladies will have at least 3 or 4 children to care for and we must find a place for them.”

“Gatta” said Gar, “remember the thoughts implanted in us from the beginning about these humans. Their hearts melt for such small creatures as our children are. I believe there will be no problem. With time our children will leave us and find their own homes. Some may not, but even human children are nonviable in some cases, this is the law of nature, whether on planet Koshka or this Earth. We must accept our fate as it comes. Our great master Bani al Spez Tab will always stretch his protecting arm over us in our moments of need and distress.”

“Oh Gar, that is true, how you have given us courage for the task before us.”

And so our brave colonialists reached their goal and after a year Gar was satisfied with the results. It happened that some of the colonialists had found homes with the humans and had the humans so under their influence that they were fed and given to drink. Others had found their home in the forests and were happy with the abundance of wild life that lived there. The island humans were soon sharing with another type of creature, black with a white spot on their forehead.

In the meanwhile Bog and Captain Groegu returned to the planet Koshka and transmitted their thoughts on the results of the colonisation of this island on Earth to their leader Bani Al Spez Tab. As was the custom Bog and Captain Groegu were invited to a fish meal by their leader. During the evening thoughts were exchanged on future operations. Bani Al Spez Tab also bestowed on the crew of his ship the special award of 10 times their 9 lives, meaning that they were given a place in the government of the planet Koshka. Bani Al Spez Tab himself was the only being on the planet possessing lives into infinity.

After they left, Bani Al Spez Tab reflected on the beginnings of his colonisation project choosing the Earth as his target. He landed in a place called Egypt where the inhabitants of this planet known as humans were having problems with the mice infestation in their corn chambers. He found the inhabitants of planet Earth to be somewhat primitive, but they had feelings and his colonialists were able to penetrate their thoughts and influence them. Mice were considered a delicacy on the planet Koshka and he knew his people would thrive in this part of the planet Earth. Indeed they were worshipped by the inhabitants, and he himself became a god in their eyes through the influence of his people.

It was the second time he had landed his pioneers on an island. He had already organised the colonisation of an island on the planet Earth with a group of his beings being born without tails. They were sent together to the island of Man to be found off the coast of a place called England, and his people were even given their own name of Manx by the humans. He was sure that something similar would happen with the colonisation of this new island. They would remain amongst themselves due to the isolation of the surrounding sea and the high land and perhaps they would also be worshipped and be known amongst the earthlings.

He was now tired and needed his sleep. He shut the door to his office bearing the abbreviation of his name B.A.S.T. and went to his favourite sleeping place, high up on a rock overlooking his Kingdom. He licked his paw, washed his face with it, continued his wash with his tongue until he was satisfied he was clean, rolled up and slept (but he had one ear and eye slightly ready in case something might happen).

United Friends Challenge #129: The Colony

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