Tuesday, 24 March 2009

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #45: Oh, how I miss it

Bethnal Green Market

Oh how I miss my past life in London
Taking a walk down the road
In Bethnal Green, the East End of town
The noises could make you explode
There were street sellers to see selling fruit and some veg
A penny a pound or even more
Potatoes had names from the kings of the realm
Some King Edwards were always in store
You could buy fish from the sea, the catch of the day
some cod, there were eels all alive
A fish and chip shop was also near bye
the road was a human bee hive
The pie shop was near, pie and mash was the meal
That east enders would eat for their dinner
It had sauce all over, as green as it came
It was custom and was a real winner
How the liquor was made is today still a puzzle
The recipe was secret and unknown
It belonged to life in this part of town
In the East End you were never alone
The doors were not locked, they remained open
We children would play in the street
Our mothers and fathers grew up in the town
Trust was normal and for a talk they would meet
At the end of the road I remember the park
There was even a pond, to cool down
Take your shoes and socks off and go on in
it belonged to this part of town
Just across the way in the park was a playground
you could go on the see saw or swings
The red busses passed on the road by the park
With two decks, they were London things
Near the park we had culture, the library was there
For borrowing books it was free
And just round the corner we had the museum
There were many exhibits to see
On the way back home walking down the road
The barrel organ grinder was playing
A very old man, you gave him a penny
He nodded and thank you was saying
All this formed part of my life in the past
Growing up in London’s East End
We were poor but had wealth in our every day life
We needed no money to spend

Creative Challenge #45: Oh how I miss it

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