Friday, 13 March 2009

MULTIPLY United Friends Challenge #126: Influences from the past life

Potashtam's Challenge

Describe in a story or poem the challenges and difficulties you have overcome that form your character and the person you are today.

In a country far away that you may have visited once
A language that you only know from school
Young enough to leave home and travel so far
In the book you are breaking almost every rule
But you hold on and do your best
Just persist and find a way
You must be adaptable and understanding
You are determined to do all to stay
The people talk a different language
Their money is so strange
Even the measurement system is different
Your thoughts, they start to change
After a while you make a life
No longer is it new
You begin to understand the difference
On the past you take a review
The first hurdle has been taken
You almost feel at home
But then you take another risk
and start again to roam
Another city, another place
You then meet someone forever
This is the time when you have to decide
that you will not leave this place, no never
You get married, have a family
And then the problems start
You have to cope with the school, with the money
With some of your ideas you must part
You start to take an interest in problems
that were earlier not something you had
Education, local politics, the neighbours and relations
Did not always make so glad
But somewhere along this winding way
Experience showed its face
Now looking back upon it all
The memories have left their trace
Today I don’t excite so quick
I can accept the different ideas
Through life I had made so many changes
They have taken all my fears
I suppose I could have stayed at home
But I don’t know if it was better
I made my way and found my place
And this has shaped my character

United Friends Challenge #126: Influences from the past life

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