Friday, 13 March 2009

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #44: Ode to the Grapefruit


My relationship with the grapefruit
began at the age of five
We were spending the week-end with relations
It was not so far to drive
It was breakfast time and there it was
a fruit so yellow and big
It was cut in half and covered in sugar
I knew it wasn’t a fig
That’s a grapefruit said my mum
full of vitamin C
I was given a spoon to eat it with
It was really new for me
So I sunk my spoon into the flesh
to try this new found fruit
I was glad it had sugar and so I munched
but I did not find it cute
It was sour and bitter and everything yuck
Really not my cup of tea
I decided to leave it and refused to eat
On my plate I let it be
As the years went past grapefruits were sold
They were no longer rare
I never bought them, I did not like them
For the taste I did not care
Today you can buy them in liquid form
A refreshing fizzy drink
I still prefer cola, or even plain water
You can even buy grapefruits in pink
So today I was at the supermarket
Doing my weekly buys
I pulled my camera out of my bag
I found grapefruits in a good size
“What are you doing” asked my man
“I have a weekly job
The title is grapefruit, which I do not like
but I want to please the mob”
So here is my answer to grapefruity things
with a photo of grapefuits galore
Needless to say I had none in my bag
When we eventually left the store

Creative Challenge #44: An Ode to the Grapefruit

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