Tuesday, 17 March 2009

MULTIPLY Rita's "Riting" Challenge: The Motel

Did you see it, went so quickly
The sign was clear to all
But rusty and so very old
The writings on the wall
Memories of Noman Bates
come flooding back once more
could this be the one where he once lived
His name is on the door
I don’t think so, although can be
who knows where Hitchcock stayed
He might have dreamt the whole thing up
although the idea paid
So Norman Bates killed many girls
although it was his mother
His mother was already dead
and Norman had no brother
The poor man was so very confused
but the sheets were always clean
although he had not many guests
He was not known as mean
Luckily there was a lake near bye
There were no clues to tell
He pushed the cars and bodies in
He did it very well
There was of course the famous scene
When a victim took a shower
She was killed by lurking Norman Bates
Who afterwards retired to his tower
This state of affairs is made abrupt
By the visit from a man
He was sent to find out where the lady was
But was pushed down the stairs, what a plan
This state of affairs soon came to an end
Norman’s mother had been long years gone
but Norman was still talking to his mother
The police decided there was something wrong
Eventually Norman was caught,
He was mad and started moaning
but on dark nights, when the roads are empty
You can still hear the motel ghosts groaning

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