Sunday, 29 March 2009

MULTIPLY Mono Monday - One Year Anniversary

Monomonday one



I was wondering what to write, there is nothing much more to say except I would never had dreamed of achieving what I have achieved over the past year with Garry and his wonderful monochromatic Monday idea. Although the basic thing was black and white and some sepia, he said we could use a bit of colour. This opened a completly new world of photography and applying the photo programmes that you have.

My husband was getting suspicious. I always have my camera with me - you never know. He found it strange that I started taking photos of fruit and vegetable in the local supermarket. My photos of graveyards and gravestones he found a bit marcabre. My poor cats just run and hide these days when I have the camera. They said that they are fed up with smiling for every photo I take of them, and it is not nice when they are eating and I take a photo of them. After all humans don't like to be photographed with food in their mouths either etc. etc. they said. I think I have photographed every living thing in my garden, from worm through snail to butterfly. I discovered that snow also has its good side, you can take photos, you don't even have to colour them black and white, although green snow would also be an idea.

Anyhow enough said. I have spent more than an hour making a collage of pictures this afternoon. At first I tried piknik, but was not happy, half of the photo went missing. I eventually invested my time in a Fireworks presentation. There were so many photos so I did not take all. The rest follows. If you want to see the originals with the report you can click here where you will find all the past details of the hours of sweat and tears spent with such programmes a photoshop, fireworks, piknik and a few others. 

Once again a big thank you for my colleague across the pond. I have also met so many wonderful people here and sometimes wish I lived just a little bit closer that I could join in on the gatherings of the clan.


monomonday two

Mono Monday One Year Aniversary

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