Sunday, 29 March 2009

MULTIPLY Mono Monday #38 MM #52 One Year Anniversary

Reform Church, SolothurnSo here is my contribution for this weeks playtime with photos. Again husband had to go to town and dragged me with him - no problem I love going to town, he does his thing and I do mine usually with the camera. I was waiting for him on one of the main square and did some shooting around. Did not kill any one but this photo showing a view on our Swiss reform church and the Burris tower next to it really surprised me. I quite liked it. Sort of came out well. Even the lady in the red jacket right bottom corner gave a bit of colour to the whole thing. Anyhow I decided to leave the black and white thing this week and go straight into sepia. Our town was one of the first to be founded by the romans on their walk through Switzerland, so old colours suit, although the church is not so old. I asked my Swiss half when it was built, but he remembered going there with his mother when he was a boy which was during the second world war, so it is not a new as it looks. Anyhow after treatment with piknik and sepiation I made a frame - also Piknik. Here is the end result.

Reform Church, Solothurn

Large Size

And now for a bit of plus. This week I had to go to the pet shop to make sure my cats did not go hungry and start feeding on me and my husband. The nice thing about our pet shop is that they also sell small animals. I then saw a Mongolian Spring mouse in a tank full of hay. He had dug his way to the glass window, so I took his photo. I also took a photo of an old door to the law courts of our town of Solothurn, Here are the two originals.

Mongolian Spring Mouse

Amthaus 2, Solothurn

With the help of CS3 photosshop and layering I put the mouse behind the door. I had to resize the mouse a bit and squash him in, but he did not mind. I also did some cloning on the post in the middle at the front of the photo and the mouse said it got in his way. I then took two photos I once made in our local supermarket. One of grapefruits and the other of apples. I worked again with layering and removed the top storey of the building as well as some of the pavement (sidewalk). I then made an appropriate frame and the mouse now has this photo hanging in his new lodgings.

Mouse and grapefruit and apple

Larger Size

Mono Monday Plus #38 (MM #52)

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