Monday, 16 March 2009

Accidents just happen sometimes

There are people that are just accident prone. For no reason whatsoever things happen that should not happen. This is slowly becoming the story of my life. Looking back, I remember the memorable occasion when I was visiting my dad about eight years ago, I think. I was out for an evening walk with a friend of mine when I tripped. Well, I did not just trip, but I fell down and saved my face by automatically putting my arm on the ground first of all. This was luck in bad luck as I broke my arm. At least it all happened on Tower Bridge, which made the occasion something not to be forgotten. We then had a journey to the east of London, Romford to be exact. My father lived in that area and the hospital would be near. Must have been a premonition as the hospital operated the next day to mend my arm. A day later I was back home with my dad, and a day later on a plane back to Switzerland. The steel was removed from my arm two years ago in Switzerland as it was playing up a bit.

Then there was the time when I fell out of the bath. Something not to be forgotten, especially when you land flat on your back. Don't ask how it happened, I don't know today. I managed to pick myself up, although the process was slow. Eventually I was standing and walking, so I thought no problem. Three days later I was having problems lifting my leg. I went to the doctor, who sent me to the hospital. They diagnosed that I had knocked a piece of bone off one of the vertebrae in my back. I asked if it meant an operation, but the doc reckoned it wouldn't be worth it and things would get back to normal eventually. Since this day, about four years ago, I am walking around with a piece of bone somewhere hanging around in my back.

Of course I just don't mention the various times when I have fallen down on the floor at home. This would be not so bad, but we have stone tiles in most places, otherwise wood. We do have a few carpets, but you never seem to land on the carpet. Needless to say I do have various lumps and bumps on my legs and knees, but at my age who cares.

What prompted me to write this is at the moment I am nursing a very wounded knee. But back to the beginning. At the week-end for some unknown reason I somehow tripped in the kitchen. My first thought please not the stone floor, but I was lucky. Somehow I did not just trip but went sailing. My fall led me out of the kitchen into the living room where there is a desk with my husband's computer. How and where it all happened I don't know, but my final position was sitting on the floor with my back leaning on the desk. I now feel some pain where my right leg meets the pelvic girdle, but mainly when I sit down or stand up. Having digested this problem, and my husband wondering how I have survived over the years today was even better.

We went shopping in our local supermarket. The local supermarket is being renovated at the moment and the entrance has been made very nicely. On the floor they have two large carpets when people enter to ensure that the floors do not get muddy or dirty if the weather is bad. Don't ask me how or why, it is still a mystery. My husband was pushing the trolley and I was walking next to him. My foot caught in one of the carpets and I probably looked like a nun giving up her vowels as I was laying on the floor. It was nice that it happened in a public place, there was such a wonderful audience, all asking how I felt. One of the assistants arrived from the shop asking if I needed first aid help. By then I was sitting and wondering what I had injured. Eventually I did managed to stand up and we walked on further, my husband looking quite worried. I did not want to say too much about the pain I had on my left knee or that walking was not so comfortable. I did notice that it was a good thing to keep moving otherwise my knee may have got fixed.

When I got home I examined my injuries and found that some of the top part of the skin was missing from my left knee, but not so bad. This afternoon I worked in the garden for two hours and afterwards cleaned the shower and everything seemed to be working.

This evening I am on my own, my other half has to attend a meeting. I am sitting here at the computer with a painful knee, feeling a bruised part of my sitting apparatus (from the week-end) so thought if I wrote it all down I might feel better. I don't really feel better, but it is nice to know that a few million people might feel sorry for me. I was going to leave you with a photo of my wounded knee but thought that some might be squeamish so here is the link for those that it might interest.

My injured knee

And for those that would like to see a photo, here is a bee I found on my crocus in the garden this afternoon.

Bee in the crocus

If I was not retired and was at work today, I was wondering if this would have happened. I don't really believe in anything, but sometimes there may be something called fate hanging around that is just waiting for someone like me.

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