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MULTIPLY Creative challenge #14 Stinging Reality

The courtroom was ready for the trial. In the accused section Aedes Aegypti sat alone, not looking so Egyptian as the name would lead you to believe. Her wings laying flat to her body, flying was forbidden and her head hanging down waiting for things to begin.

There was only one witness, who was also the victim, Homo Sapiens also of the female variety. She looked tired and kept scratching the skin irritations she had received from Aedes Aegypti. The court official, a heron, clapped with its beak and called all to stand up to received the judge, a large green frog that croaked now and again seeming to look in all directions at once with his revolving eyes. He called for silence from all and the proceedings began.

“We have a clear case here of sleep disturbance. Homo Sapiens Feminina has not been able to obtain the amount of sleep that her species deserves due to disturbance by Aedes Aegypti. I ask you Aedes Aegypti guilty or not guilty of disturbance of the peace by night.
“Your honour, I plead not guilty.”

“In this case” said the frog “I call Homo Sapiens Feminina into the witness box to hear her version of the events.”

There was a sound in the courtroom of feathers being ruffled by the birds, croaks from the toads and frogs and buzzing from members of the mosquito family.
“Silence in court” called the Heron, “Silence”.
“One more such disturbance and I will clear the courtroom, remaining only myself and the lawyers and our jury.” Croaked Judge Frog.

Mr. Human stepped forward, the lawyer of the victim.
“Please explain the details of the criminal act brought about by Aedes Aegypti”. Homo Sapiens Femina spoke.
“I went to bed as usual around ten o’clock in the evening. It was a warm sultry night and the window was open to allow for fresh air.”
“There you have it” said the lawyer of Aedes Aegypti who was a masculine mosquito. “The so-called victim sent an open invitation to my client to enter the bedroom.”
“I object” said Mr.Human lawyer of Homo sapiens Feminina. “The lawyer of the accused has no right to intervene before my client has explained the details of the attack by Aedes Aegypti.”
“Objection granted” croaked Judge Frog. “Please continue.”
“As I said I prepared to sleep and made sure that my bedroom window was open. As I was gradually drifting away I heard an annoying sound and realised that an attack was planned by a mosquito, here known as Aedes Aegypti. The sound suddenly ceased and I believed myself to be safe from any further attack. I did not realise that the attack was then being carried out by Aedes Aegypti and she had already found an entrance to my body. I then noticed an annoying feeling on my finger. It was itching.”
“Objection Judge Frog” said Mr. Mosquito, lawyer of the accused. “It is to be proved that the feeling was annoying, we mosquitos would not find such a feeling as annoying, and the word attack should be removed from the minutes. We mosquitos do not consider this an attack.”
“I would call the two lawyers to my desk. I think we have to exchange a few words.”
“Mr. Mosquito and Mr. Human I expect a certain amount of understanding in my court. The needs of a mosquito life and the needs of a human life are somewhat different and we are here today to find a solution to our common problems. The interruptions caused by yourselves are not helping us in any way. I expect a certain amount of understanding for both sides of the problem. Mr. Mosquito I need only one swipe of my tongue and your existence is finished in this world, and Mr. Human if one of my cousins from the South American Jungle, known as Dart Frog, would brush past your body your minutes would also be numbered in this world. Under these circumstances I would ask for a fair trial.”

The victim continued “as I said I was attacked by this Aedes Aegypti and whilst I was trying to sooth the pain and unpleasant feeling on my finger. I heard the buzzing sound again and I tried to find the cause, but it was dark in the room. I put the light on and then saw Aedes Aegypti. She was sitting on my arm of all places and once again I had the feeling of being tickled by a thousand feathers, but this time on my arm. In the meanwhile I had a swollen finger where the first sting was injected.”
“Sting, indeed” spoke the accused “I was insuring the survival of my eggs for our future generation.”
“Mr. Mosquito, tell your client again to be silent, her turn will come.”

The victim’s lawyer now spoke “I think the court has heard enough from my client. The crime was committed by Aedes Aegypti and there is no more to be said.”
Judge Frog spoke “Mr. Mosquito you may begin your cross examination.”
“Thank you your Frogship. Homo Sapiens Femina, do you open your window every night in the bedroom.”
“Well, yes, I have to have some fresh air.”
“And was this the first time that you were subjected to an attack by Aedes Aegypti.”
“No, it was not. Everytime I sleep with an open window the same thing happens. I threatened Aedes Aegypti and told her that my patience was running out with these attacks, but to no result. The attacks continued every night.”
“What steps did you take to avoid these attacks.”
“I don’t understand. What steps do you take against a mosquito who is looking for fresh blood?”
“A ha, that is the core of the matter. Although these so-called “attacks” were repeated every night, you did nothing to counteract them. Aedes Aegypti was doing her duty in securing the existence of her family. I am sure the members of the jury would find this agreeable.”
Mr. Mosquito now stood in front of the jury, composed of 6 pigs and 6 cows all nodding their heads to his last remark.
“I object” said Mr. Human.
“Mr. Human you will have your chance” said Judge Frog and called the accused into the witness stand.
“Aedes Aegypti will you please explain the course of events on the said evening?”
“Well I felt it was time to heat up my system to be able to incubate my eggs. I was flying around as usual looking for a suitable place and suddenly smelt fresh blood. There was an open window so I entered and the so-called victim was laying on her bed sleeping. I dived down and found a warm finger just at the right temperature. I entered her skin, with the usual saliva lubrication, and took what I needed. The victim then started moving and attacking me. She quietened down and in the meanwhile I had found an agreeable place on her arm.”
“I object” your Frogship said Mr. Human “This is just plain assassination with no excuse.”
“I was just following the call of my nature” said Aedes Aegypti”.
“Objection overruled” said Judge Frog. Please continue Mr. Human
“I would ask my client what would have happened had she not acquired the necessary blood.”
“The further existence of my children would have been endangered.”
Mr. Mosquito looked at the jury and with a smile on his face. “I am sure this is understood by the jury members. I rest my defence. What more can I prove that the existence of my client and her family was endangered. Mr. Human you may continue your cross examination.”
“Aedes Aegypti did you realise that you were an annoyance, to say the least, to the victim Homo Sapiens Femina.”
“I found that if the victim had not left her window open I would not have even thought about an attack. And there are some Homo Sapien homes that I don’t even think of entering even if their windows are open.”
“Can you perhaps explain your last remark” said Mr. Human with a smirk of his face, not expecting any reason for a mosquito not to enter.
“That is quite clear, Mr. Human. Many homo sapiens buy things.”
“What is meant by things?”
“Well being a poor little desperate pregnant mosquito I cannot explain so exact, but humans have shops where things are sold that we mosquitos do not like. Certain scents or vibrations that really give us a headache and make us feel unwell. They are places we would not dream of entering.”
“Is this so” Judge Frog asked the victim reminding her that she was still under oath.
“Well, I suppose so, but I don’t expect to be attacked by a mosquito at night.”
“Mrs. Homo Sapiens Femina I would remind you that in daily life we all have our problems to overcome. I really find that a little help on your side would avoid such a court case as today. I have now heard all the evidence I need, the jury can retire to arrive at their verdict”

The cows and pigs left the courtroom but arrived just 30 minutes later with their verdict.

“Have the jury reached a decision” asked Judge Frog
The Leader of the Jury, a Holstein cow, stood up on her four legs. “We have your honour, we find the accused Not Guilty of any crime whatsoever.”
“I thank you for your verdict. I would now like to say a few words to the victim. It seems that you were very careless with the life of Aedes Aegypti. There are means and ways of avoiding such unpleasant situations but you have shown carelessness. The court requests the victim to take steps in organising the necessary items to avoid any future occurrence of such unpleasantries. I order a search to be made of the premises of Homo Sapiens Femina in one month’s time to see that she holds herself to this court ruling. She should look the stinging reality in the face. Cows and pigs are subject to the sting of the mosquito all the time, but have no problems. When will these Homo Sapiens learn to deal with such problems in a sensible way?

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