Sunday, 10 August 2008

Further news in Swiss Suicide Case - She jumped from the bridge

View towards bridge, River Aare, Solothurn

On Friday I wrote a blog about a police search we had on our local river by helicopter where a suicide victim was suspected. It was from this bridge that she jumped and not that in the middle of town and where they did not find anything. There was a further report in the newspaper yesterday.

"Suicide victim climbs out of the River Aar on her own

An assumed suicide victim, who jumped into the River Aar on Thursday evening was found on the same evening. The Kanton's police informed that according to a witness on the bicycle bridge in Zuchwil around 09.30 in the evening the alledged suicide victim jumped from the bridge. She said she had private problems and wanted to commit suicide and then she jumped.

The witness alarmed the police who started the search process using a rescue helicopter with floodlights and two police boats, an ambulance and some police patrols. During the search action a further person reported that there was a woman, soaked through and quite drunk sitting on the stairs belonging to a block of flats in the village of Zuchwil. She afterwards admitted that she managed to rescue herself from the river. It was a 42 year old Swiss woman who was afterwards taken by ambulance to a special clinic."

So that was the end of the excitement, although probably the lady will be presented with quite a heavy bill for the expense incurred. Whether she will have to pay will be cleared up by the police.

Otherwise all quiet on the Swiss front at the moment, although I did hear that we somehow got a bronze medal in the Olympics. I suppose I should be happy about it, but I have absolutely no interest in Olympic games being carried out in a country that seems to make a hobby of ignoring human rights.

The usual photo for a finish shows part of the River Aar in the village of Zuchwil mentioned in the case of the suicide. The large white building was originally the factory for Sulzer, making weaving machines. It is now known as Sultec, but the production lines are similar. If the lady had remained in the River she would have passed by this building.

A view across the Aare towards South - Sultec factory - earlier Sulzer

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