Friday, 28 December 2007

Reservoir Cats 29

Gladys: Little Al, keep up with us. I don’t want to lose you again. You caused enough trouble disappearing down the sewers.
Little Al: Yes, mum. I still feel a bit sticky.
Mr. Grey: Well glad to see you all made it back safe and sound. What happened to Little Al. He looks a bit sort of whitish.
Big Tom: Well that’s another story. Anything up while we were away Grey.
Mr. Grey: No dad, everything quiet. Couldn’t even hear a mouse breathe.
Fluffy: That’s because it’s getting colder and snow is falling.
Nera: I think we should all be getting to our sleeping places now, after all that good food I really feel sleepy.
Mr. Grey: Did I hear someone mention food. I’m starving.
Big Tom: We didn’t forget you Grey. We brought some back for you.
Mr. Grey: Well I thought I could sort of smell bird in the air.
Romeo: Si, it comes from the human kitchens in the town.

Slimy: That was a nice party we ‘ad yesterday wasn’t it boss.
Long Tail Al: Yea, reminds me of old times when we were younger.
Tabby: Did you have parties then as well.
Long Tail Al: Well, sort of, if there was grub around we ‘ad something to celebrate. I wasn’t boss in the town, it was Al Catone that organised fings then.
Slimy: I’ve ‘eard about Al Catone, ‘e’s a legend, one of the best.
Long Tail Al: Yea well ‘e ‘ad fings under control. Mind you we ‘ad our problems then as well.
Tabby: Tell us about them dad.
Slimy: Yea, I like to ‘ear stuff about long ago.
Long Tail Al: Well it all started when Al Catone arrived ‘ere on one of them ships in the ‘arbour. Come from a place in America called Cattago. ‘E ‘ad to leave cause ‘is complete family ‘ad been killed by the Whisker gang. And……..

Mama Catone: Al, you gotta go, the Whisker gang have got your dad already, and have taken over the complete catnip harvest. The tom cats have all pounced on your sisters and you being the only surviving son you have no chance. Go down to the Lake, there is a boat leaving. That will take you to New York and you can get on one of those big ships to take you across the sea.
Al Catone: But mum I can’t leave you here.
Mama Catone: My days are numbered Al. I don’t have the strength to carry on, just go and remember whose son you are.
Al Catone: Ok, bye mum, I will make you proud of me.

Al Catone: This must be one of those big ships my mum meant.
Ships Cat: Ahoy, looking for someone.
Al Catone: Well, I’m looking for a ships passage. Any chance?
Ships Cat: Come on board. How good are you at catching mice?
Al Catone: One of the best. Who’s the boss around here.
Ship’s cat: Why does that interest you.
Al Catone: Well, I have to know who is giving the orders, now don’t I.
Captain Cat: Ship’s cat, got problems.
Al Catone: Are you in charge here.
Captain Cat: Who’s asking.
Al Catone: Al Catone, son of Alfonso Catone from Catago. Any problems.
Captain Cat: Well he had a bit of bad luck with the Whisker gang didn’t he. Now if you want to come on board, it’s ok, but you take my orders.
Al Catone: If I come on board, I am giving the orders. Hissssssss
Captain Cat: Hissssssss. Awwwwww.
Ship’s cat: You pushed him overboard with your claws.
Al Catone: I have had enough of being pushed around and now it’s my ship until we reach land. Capisci.
Ship’s cat: Ok, I get it. Blimy you are a bossy one.
Al Catone: I am the boss, and what I says goes. Any problems, or do you want to join Captain Cat in his wet grave.
Ship’s cat: No, no, anything you say goes.

Slimy: And that’s ‘ow Al Catone got ‘ere.
Long Tail Al: Well that’s wot ‘e told me but there is more to come. Eventually ‘e arrived ‘ere…..

Al Catone: Ok, ship’s cat, I am going to leave you now at this port. You have the ship to yourself. Keep it clean and mouse free.
Ship’s cat: Well you certainly did. But you didn’t have to keep it cat free as well.
Al Catone: There were too many other cats wanting to move in on my territory so I had to get rid of them. I told you, my family doesn’t get pushed around any more.

So, this place looks good. Will have to find somewhere to stay for the night. Churches are always a good place, the humans don’t hang around so much at night and during the day they are usually closed. I grew up near the graveyard so let’s have a sniff around.
Reggie Crat Senior: Now who are you. New cat in town?
Al Catone: And who is asking.
Reggie Crat Senior: Me and me bruvver, Ronnie, ‘appen to be the chiefs of the black paw gang around ‘ere and wot I says goes.
Al Catone: Looking for any new members of your gang. I love gang life.
Reggie Crat Senior: Got experience. Where ya from.
Al Catone: Life has been made of experience for me up to now. See that scar behind my ear.
Reggie Crat Senior: Blimy that’s a real scar. Who done that to ya.
Al Catone: Got that from the Captain Cat on the ship when I had a fight with him and pushed him over the ship’s railings.
Reggie Crat Senior: Respect I must say. Wot’s the mark at the side of ya nose.
Al Catone: I had a little bother with the boss of the Whisker gang where I came from, but mind you I only got that mark on my nose, he only has one ear now.
Reggie Crat Senior: And ‘ow am I supposed to believe all this.
Al Catone: Want a cat fight, then I will show you how good I am.
Reggie Crat Senior: No, no, don’t get me wrong. We are always looking for big strong cats like yourself to join us. What do you fink. Interested.
Al Catone: What’s the pay?
Reggie Crat Senior: Nice place to sleep down by the crypt in the church. No drafts and plenty of fresh meat around – although you ‘ave to find it yerself, but the sewers ain’t far away.
Al Catone: How’s the catnip trade.
Reggie Crat Senior: Well, that’s somefing the country cats deal wiv more than us, but you would ‘ave to ask them and that mean’s ‘aving a word with the Duke.
Al Catone: Ok, I will join, and see how things develop.

Slimy: Long Tail Al, tell us more. Was Reggie Crat Senior our Reggie and Ronnie’s dad.
Tabby: Yes, that’s a really interesting story.
Long Tail Al: Yea, that’s it. The Black Paw Gang run in the Crat family. Now listen cats, that’s no story but ‘ow it begun. You’ll ‘ave to wait till tomorrow for the next part. I ‘ave to get some kip now. Exhausted after running round looking for me son and eating all that food and celebrating.

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