Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Reservoir Cats 26

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Nera: Come on Grey, time to go home.
Mr. Grey: Anything is better than life on this farm. I havn’t had a moments peace. There are so many kittens to look after and my mum has her eyes everywhere.
Nera: Mr. Grey, that’s what mothers are for.
Mr. Grey: I heard there was some trouble down in town.
Nera: You hear everything don’t you, but thanks to Fluffy and the rest of us we helped Long Tail Al to solve his problems.
Mr. Grey: So it seems that you are all getting on well together now.
Nera: Yes, Grey, with little thanks to you and your devious little plan to take over.
Mr. Grey: Yes, well, let’s forget the past and carry on as we were before.
Nera: Not exactly Grey. You are no longer in charge, but Romeo and his girlfriend.
Mr. Grey: Romeo has a girlfriend?
Nera: Don’t pretend you don’t know. Bobinette and Romeo will soon have their own family.
Mr. Grey: And what about you Nera, all on your own.?
Nera: Perhaps
Mr. Grey: You ladies do like to keep things to yourselves. I remember the times we spent together outside talking and we seemed to be getting on quite well.
Nera: A lot of water has gone under the bridge since Grey.
Mr. Grey: Sounds like you have a new admirer.
Nera: So we are now approaching your father’s villa.
Mr. Grey: Now that was a quick change of the subject.
Big Tom: Grey, my son, and how are you
Mr. Grey: Feeling tired, I wouldn’t mind having a few hours curled up somewhere without any miaowing kittens nearbye.
Big Tom: Sounds like you have learnt your lesson. No more take over plans?
Mr. Grey: No dad, would just like some peace and quiet at the moment.
Big Tom: Well I will let you have a few hours sleep, but afterwards you can start your new job.
Mr. Grey: A new job. But please nothing to do with organising the country cats, I think they must be sniggering behind their paws at me now.
Big Tom: Don’t worry Grey. As you know Gladys had her kittens here and they are now growing up. One of them seems to be the offspring of Long Tail Al, but he needs a bit of trimming at the whiskers, if you know what I mean.
Mr. Grey: You mean he is a bit hard to handle?
Big Tom: Well, something like that. Gladys has her paws full with the other kittens and Little Al is always causing trouble, so I thought you could pass on some of your knowledge to him.
Mr. Grey: No more kitten training, please.
Big Tom: Little Al is no longer so small and wants to meet his father. You can prepare him to go to town.
Mr. Grey: Yes, but dad
Big Tom: No buts son. You now have the chance to redeem yourself in my eyes. Don’t forget who I am. Capisci

Romeo: Bobinette mia cara, did you see who is back
Bobinette: Yes, I think Mr. Grey is now amongst us again. I ‘ope ‘e doesn’t start up ‘is tricks again.
Romeo: No, I don’t think he will. Big Tom had a talk with him and has given him a new job. He is to be responsible for the education of Little Al.
Bobinette: Now that will be interesting. Little Al jumped on me while I was sleeping yesterday and gave me the shock of my life. Afterwards he just waved his tail and walked off. He has no manners.
Romeo: And that is exactly why Mr. Grey has to look after him.
Little Al: Did I hear my name being mentioned. Hello Bobinette, your fur is just like a trampoline when I jump on it.
Bobinette: Is that the excuse for waking me up when I am asleep.
Little Al: Well it looked so soft and inviting. Ow, Romeo keep your paws to yourself. I don’t like being hit on the nose.
Romeo: That is for waking up my bella Bobinette when she is sleeping. It is about time that someone taught you some manners.
Little Al: I do what I want to do. No-one gives me orders. I am the son of Long Tail Al.
Gladys: Little Al will you just hold your tongue and stop showing off. I am glad that you now have someone who will teach you some manners.
Little Al: I don’t need being taught anything mum. I can do everything myself already.
Gladys: But you don’t do anything yourself do you. I caught you yesterday threatening your brothers that you would give them a scratch if they didn’t bring you a fresh mouse.
Romeo: you should be ashamed of yourself. It is about time that Mr. Grey takes you in hand.
Little Al: Who’s Mr. Grey, and how comes he has a Mr. in front of his name.
Mr. Grey: I have a Mr. in front of my name because I am the oldest son of Gatto di tutti Gatti, Big Tom. I take it you are Little Al, the cat I am to teach good manners to.
Little Al: Well I don’t need teaching any manners, what I do and say goes around here.
Mr. Grey: You have nothing to say. Now come along with me.
Little Al: I’m not going anywhere with you. Hey, put me down. Mum he has gripped me by the scruff of my neck.
Gladys: And right he is. Mr. Grey put him down at the next muddy puddle, that might freshen him up a bit.
Little Al: No, I hate water.
Mr. Grey: So do we all cats, but you have to be cruel to be kind. You first lesson, respect your elders and do what they tell you to do. So here we go.
Little Al: Owww, I’m all wet.
Mr. Grey: Then lick yourself dry. Afterwards you take an hours sleep and then I will think about what to teach you next.
Gladys: OK, Grey I will leave him to your tender claws.
Mr. Grey: No problem.

Slimy: This way Tabby
Tabby: It smells a bit down these sewers doesn’t it.
Slimy: Well I suppose it’s what your used to. Don’t bother me much, I sort of grew up down ‘ere. Lots of fresh meat if you know where to look. Put your ‘ead in that opening over there and sniff in.
Tabby: Oh, I see what you mean. Smells very strongly of rat.
Slimy: Oh yea, there’s a lot of rats down ‘ere, but I wouldn’t eat any old rat. The younger ones are the best. The older ones ‘ave been around in the water too long and pick up all sorts of funny illnesses. I remember me bruvver, he choked on a rat and that was the last meal ‘e ever ‘ad.
Tabby: Oh, I am not sure that the sewers are my sort of thing.
Slimy: Yea, well just cut along ‘ere and go up those stairs there. At the top squeeze through the opening, then we are in paradise.
Tabby: What do you mean. Oh yes, it smells really good here. Where are we.
Slimy: Keep in the shadows. We are now in the basement of the local butchers shop. Best place around here. That’s where they prepare the meat for the humans. Now over there is a bin where they throw the best parts away. Don’t really understand those ‘umans. What they fink ain’t worth eating, makes a good meal for a cat. Grab a bit and come back down in the sewer. Then we can ‘ave a nice lunch in peace and quiet.
Tabby: Now that smells really good. Not so fast Slimy. I don’t know my way as well as you do.
Slimy: So sit down over there. We won’t be disturbed ‘ere. Just enjoy your lunch.
Tabby: Tastes real good. I just don’t understand why all this is thrown away. In the country we have to hang around the farms to get something like this.
Slimy: Well I ain’t never seen a farm or bin on one.
Tabby: Tell you what Slimy, when I go back home I will take you with me and show you around the country.
Slimy: Well that’s a deal mate.

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