Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Reservoir Cats 22

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Nera: Hello Bobinette, I don’t seem to see so much of you these days.
Bobinette: ‘allo Nera. Well you know since we solved our problems with Mr. Grey, I ‘ave been able to concentrate on organising my own life
Nera: Yes I did notice you seem to be seeing a lot of Romeo lately.
Bobinette: Just let us say we are warming up our old friendship once again.
Nera: Yes, it does notice a little bit. Will you give them Italian or French names?
Bobinette: We ‘ave enough time to decide. We ‘ave to see ‘ow many kittens arrive first of all. Romeo told me to give you a message from Big Tom. He wants to see you and Fluffy this evening. It seems to be quite urgent.
Nera: Now that sounds interesting. Fluffy can you come over here and stop sniffing at that mouse. Either eat it or leave it.
Fluffy: Well I was thinking of eating it, what do you want?
Bobinette: Big Tom wants to see you and Nera this evening.
Fluffy: Big Tom wants to see me, but I didn’t even know he knew that I exist.
Nera: Big Tom knows all of us, don’t forget he is gatto di tutti gatti.
Bobinette: I will be seeing Romeo this evening so you can accompany me up to Big Tom’s villa on the ‘ill.

Romeo: Ciao bella Bobinette, I was thinking about you today
Bobinette: And I was thinking you too my Romeo
Big Tom: When you two lovecats have finished, perhaps we can get down to business. I see you have brought Nera and Fluffy with you.
Romeo: Gatto di tutti gatti, your wish is our command.
Big Tom: Ok, ok, let’s not overdo it. We are not in the gangster films now are we?
Romeo: That reminds me Big Tom. You may have perhaps noticed that Bobinette and myself will have our first family in a couple of months. We were wondering if you would give us the honour of becoming godfather to our first born.
Big Tom: We will see Romeo. You have always been a faithful consigliere and the family, and I will consider it. First of all we must deal with the problems that have arisen in the town.
Nera: Why can’t the cats in town deal with their own problems?
Big Tom: I was hoping they would, but it seems that the Oriental cats have moved in and based on the experiences that my cousin Lucky Catiano had with them in Chicago, I have decided we must help, otherwise after they take over the town, they will start moving in on my territory.
Fluffy: Mr. Big Tom, Gatto di tutti gatti, sir, why did you ask for me to come.
Big Tom: Fluffy, just call me Big Tom like all the other cats. And stop shaking, you don’t have to be afraid of me. Only the cats that deceive me have something to fear from me.
Nera: How can Fluffy help.
Big Tom: It seems that the Orientals are being lead by a very strong cruel cat called Madame Butterfly. She lives in the museum with her partner Pablo who does everything she orders him to, but the worst is to come. Mr. Wang is also there and he is a very powerful cat. He has the gift of making other cats obey all commands given by Madame Butterfly. One look in his eyes and the cats are hynotised. He has already put the Black Paw gang under the control of Madame Butterfly and the worst is to come. By hypnotising Slimy, Long Tail Al’s adopted son, he has managed to capture Tabby who is now in the museum with the Oriental cats. Slimy was led to believe that Madame Butterfly was his boss and brought Tabby to the museum. Now Tabby is being held as a hostage until Long Tail Al surrenders and gives the power over the town cats to Madame Butterfly.
Nera: My half sister Tabby. How can I help Big Tom?
Gladys: Hello Nera, Bobinette, Romeo. I had the idea of asking Fluffy to help us. I think he is the only cat that would escape the power of Mr. Wang’s eyes.
Nera: Because he is blind.
Big Tom: Exactly Nera, we think this would be the only solution to setting Tabby free. Then the Orientals would have no threat to the town cats under the leadership of Long Tail Al and they could organise an attack.
Fluffy: This is certainly a good idea, but I am not so sure that I would be able to do what you want. I am only a small cat and not so big and powerful as the others.
Big Tom: Fluffy I am sure you won’t disappoint me. Nera tells me that you are one of the best mice hunters here, so if you can sniff a mouse out, then I am sure you can sniff your way around Madame Butterfly and Mr. Wang.
Gladys: And Long Tail Al with his cats will be helping you.
Big Tom: Nera I think you should now depart for the town to Long Tail Al. I told him you would be coming with Fluffy so he is expecting you.
Nera: Are you ready Fluffy. I will come with you and stay in town to see if I can help.
Fluffy: Tabby doesn’t really like me and he isn’t my favourite cat either, but he is Nera’s half sister and I will do all I can to help.

Long Tail Al: Slimy go and see who’s at the door if ya find yer way there.
Slimy: Why shouldn’t I find the way.
Long Tail Al: Well I ain’t sure that yer brain is working right after meeting that Mr. Wang bloke.
Slimy: If someone threw you in a fountain, I can tell you everyfing works after. I ain’t never been so wide awake for a long time. Ok Long Tail Al, I’ll go and ‘ave a look.
Long Tail Al: Well if it ain’t Nera and ‘er little friend Fluffy. Just who I wanted to see.
Nera: Good evening Long Tail Al. Gladys sends her best wishes and says that Little Al is doing fine, although a little bit bossy with the other kittens. He is always the first to have a drink, pushes the other kittens out of the way when it’s feeding time and likes to roam around in places he shouldn’t be in.
Long Tail Al: Now that is good news. Takes after his dad, don’t ‘e. I’m sure he is going to be a good successor one of these days. Did Big Tom say why I needed your ‘elp.
Nera: Yes he did. You all seem to think that Fluffy could be the solution to your problems.
Fluffy: What smells so strange around here. Something like a mixture of sewer and dead mice.
Slimy: Will yer stop sniffing around me fur.
Long Tail Al: Well one fing is sure, Fluffy certainly ‘as a good sense of smell, although you can always smell Slimy before you see ‘im.
Fluffy: Do all town cats smell like that.
Slimy: I beg your pardon. I ‘ad a bath in a fountain yesterday.
Long Tail Al: And that wasn’t yer wish was it. To answer your question, I meself don’t smell, and Charlie always smells good, but ‘e’s always after the ladies ain’t ‘e.
Nera: So can we get down to business. What is the plan.
Long Tail Al: Yea, well we ain’t really got one yet. We thought we might put our ‘eads together and make one.
Fluffy: Big deal. You drag me all the way from my nice comfy home in the country to a smelly cat and noisy town and you can’t even tell me what to do. Looks like I will have to start taking things over. Now listen cats, as I am the secret weapon we will do it my way.

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