Sunday, 9 December 2007

Reservoir Cats 21

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Slimy: Allo boss. Nice day today ain’t it. Orientals ‘ave gone.
Long Tail Al: Well I ain’t seen any so I suppose they ‘ave.
Slimy: Thought I would call around to see if Tabby fancied a walk around town. What wiv all that Oriental bovver, he ain’t ‘ad a chance to have a good look around yet. What about it Tabby.
Tabby: Well if you think it’s safe enough I don’t mind going. What do you say dad.
Long Tail Al: Oh, go along and enjoy yerself. About time you ‘ad a look at the surroundings, but Slimy be careful wiv ‘im, ‘e ain’t used to the rough ways some of us cats ‘ave in the town. Don’t go down the sewers wiv ‘im, ‘e might get lost.
Slimy: Well I thought ‘e might like to see a bit of the classy side of town, like the town ‘all and all the trimmings. Even the museum might be an idea now that the Orientals ain’t there any more.
Long Tail Al: Are you sure?
Slimy: Oh yea, I saw them all leave this morning on their way to the ‘arbour.
Long Tail Al: Ok, but make sure you are back for feeding time. Charlie caught four rats yesterday evening and said ‘e can’t eat all of ‘em, so ‘e gave me three.
Tabby: Bye dad, see you later.

Tabby: Slimy are you sure the coast is now safe and the Oriental cats are gone. I didn’t like the look of that Madame Butterfly or Mr. Wang at all.
Slimy: Now if I say they gone, then they ‘ave gone. And ‘ow comes you ‘eard of Mr. Wang and Butterfly?
Tabby: Well, I saw you talking to them.
Slimy: Oh ya did, did ya. Well as a matter of fact they ain’t so bad as what they say. Two very nice friendly cats and they told me that they enjoyed their ‘oliday ‘ere. So ‘ere we are Tabby, after you.
Tabby. But this isn’t the town hall, it’s the museum.
Slimy: Yea I know, but the museum is nearer, we go afterwards to the town ‘all.
Tabby: Stop pushing me Slimy.
Madame Butterfly: Now now, no arguments please. And you must be Tabby, the son and heir of Long Tail Al.
Tabby: Who are you? And how comes you know who I am.
Madame Butterfly: Well my servant and helper Slimy was told to bring you along and here you are. Slimy you may go now, but not too far, I may have a few other orders for you.
Slimy: Yes Madame, your wish is my command.
Tabby: Can someone tell me what is happening here. Slimy you are a disappointment and a traitor. It seems that you not only smell now and again, but tell lies.
Madame Butterfly: So Tabby, you can’t blame Slimy, he is now under my power and will do all I require of him, thanks to the help of my good friend Mr. Wang.
Mr. Wang: Did you call, Butterfly. Shall I put some influence on this strange tabby cat here to make him obey our wishes.
Tabby: I beg your pardon. No, No-one will influence me. I am the son of Long Tail Al and stand under the protection of Big Tom, gatto di tutti gatti. I would be very careful otherwise your 9 lives will become minus nine.
Madame Butterfly: So enough of this stupid discussion. Tabby if I wanted you to obey my wishes, that would be no problem, would it Mr. Wang
Mr. Wang: Not at all, in a minute he would be under my, sorry, our influence.
Madame Butterfly: Yes, Mr. Wang, but it does not serve its purpose. When Long Tail Al realises that you are my hostage, he will do everything to get you back and that is exactly what I want. Slimy, come here.
Slimy: Yes madame.
Madame Butterfly: You will now go to Long Tail Al and tell him that the black paw gang attacked and took Tabby as hostage. You may also make clear to him that I and Mr. Wang, together with Pablo of course, decided not to leave and Tabby is now residing in the museum with us. We will let Long Tail Al know what he is to do to see his precious Tabby alive and well again.
Slimy: Yes madame.

Long Tail Al: Already back Slimy, but where’s me son.
Slimy: Al, I can never forgive myself, but the black paw gang attacked and captured Tabby. He is now in the museum cellar as a prisoner of the Mr. Wang and Madame Butterfly.
Long Tail Al: Slimy I told you to be careful, now we have the problem don’t we? So what am I supposed to do now.
Charlie: Long Tail Al, don’t believe ‘im. I saw ‘im walk wiv Tabby to the museum and ‘e pushed ‘im through the door. Look at ‘im and that far away look in ‘is eyes. There’s somefing wrong somewhere.
Long Tail Al: Slimy are you telling the truth
Slimy: Of course boss.
Long Tail Al: Charlie go and put ‘im in the fountain. That will probably bring ‘im back to our world.
Charlie: Will do boss.
Slimy: No, not that, I ‘ate water.
Charlie: By the time I’ve finished wiv you, you’re gonna ‘ate a lot of other fings to.
Slimy: Cough, cough, splutter splutter. Gawd ‘elp us, where am I? What ‘appened boss. I feel all funny.
Long Tail Al: Well that far away look in your eyes ‘as gone. Now tell me what ‘appened.
Slimy: Well I don’t really know. I fink I done somefing wrong somewhere.
Charlie: I fink you ‘ave as well. What did that Mr. Wang and Madame Butterfly do wiv ya?
Slimy: Well I sort of remember now. They told me what to do, and nofing could stop me doing it. Like they got into me brain.
Long Tail Al: Yea, well that ain’t difficult is it Slimy. The size of your brain, it was a quick job. Now we ‘ave to fink. I’m gonna go and see Big Tom.

Big Tom: Al, back again. Still having problems with the Orientals.
Long Tail Al: Well its going from bad to worse. Now they ‘ave kidnapped Tabby. One of ‘em, Mr. Wang, ‘as started hypnotising the cats. He did it to the black paw gang, starting with Ronnie and Reggie Crat, and now ‘es hypnotised Slimy and through Slimy they managed to get Tabby.
Big Tom: I think we need the advice of an experienced person. Gladys are you busy.
Gladys: No, One Eye Fred has just gone for a walk with the kittens, so I have a few minutes. Big Tom: Did you hear what Long Tail Al just told me.
Gladys: Yes I did, and that is a problem, but I might have a solution.
Long Tail Al: Gladys I would be pleased for any ‘elp. Now I’ve found me lost son, and ‘es gone again.
Big Tom: What’s your solution Gladys.
Gladys: Fluffy, the blind cat down in the country. The one who lives with Nera and Bobinette.
Long Tail Al: And ‘ow is a blind cat gonna ‘elp. I got enough problems with me own cats that can see everyfing.
Big Tom: Think Al. How does Mr. Wang influence the cats.
Long Tail Al: Well ‘e sort of looks at em and then they’e doing what ‘e wants.
Gladys: Exactly Long Tail Al, so how is Mr. Wang going to look into the eyes of a blind cat.
Long Tail Al: Yea, well ya got somefing there.
Big Tom: Well she didn’t go through the training programme at the Kitty Cat Club for nothing. Gladys is a very clever cat.
Big Tom: Thank you Big Tom, but I had a very good teacher.
Long Tail Al: And what was that?
Gladys: Cata hari of course.
Big Tom: Respect. Is the old lady still around.
Gladys: Oh yes, she was my mother.
Long Tail Al: Gladys you surprise me every day. I reckon little Al ‘as got a good start in life with ancestry like that.
Gladys: So I think our next job is to contact Fluffy.

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