Thursday, 22 November 2007

Reservoir Cats 16

Well I'm not really running out of cats,but I like to base my characters on the real thing. The first photo is of a shop window I saw in town where they sell cat figures and paintings from an artist. The second and third photos show Rubina, a Persian lady belonging to my friend who really is a farmer's wife and breeds Persian cats as a side line on her farm. I love making visits as there are always new kittens to see and I make the most of taking photos. Many thanks to Rubina who is now Gladys - and her kittens of course which were born about a year ago.

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One Eyed Fred: How’s my Gladys doing ladies? Anyfing ‘appened yet.
Bobinette: Patience Fred, one thing at a time. At the moment you are the proud father of 3 but she isn’t finished yet.
Kimberley: Fred, be patient. It’s not the first time Gladys has had kittens and we ladies know how to handle things..
One Eyed Fred: Well, after all that excitement, what wiv Grey acting the way ‘e was and Tabby being rescued, it might have been a bit much for ‘er.
Kimberley: Don’t forget Gladys was one of the top combat cats at the Kitty Cat Club and has a tough fur.
One Eyed Fred: You can say that again, that woman was always a bit of a mystery to me, but I don’t know where I would be without ‘er. If it wasn’t for ‘er I probably wouldn’t be ‘ere today.
Nera: What do you mean Fred.
One Eyed Fred: Well, ‘aving only one eye was because I was pushed onto the road in a cat fight and a car ‘it me. If Gladys ‘adn’t dragged me off the road, gawd knows what would ‘ave ‘appened. I owe that little lady a lot.
Kimberley: Glad you appreciate it Fred, not all cats have such good upbringing, do they Grey. GREY I AM SPEAKING TO YOU – EARS IN MY DIRECTION PLEASE – I AM NOT FINISHED WITH YOU YET.
Mr. Grey: Yes mum, I am listening.
Kimberley: First of all, you can spend the next two weeks up on my farm cleaning away the dead mice that the other cats don’t want.
Mr. Grey: But mum ….
Kimberley: No but mum. You will do what I say. After the two weeks are up you may return to your father, if he still wants you.
Big Tom: Well, he is my son, so it looks like I am landed with him. It seems that Gladys will be staying here now after she has had her kittens and One Eyed Fred is also welcome. They will need some help with the new arrivals, so you, Grey, can remain at their disposal. Look that their housing remains clean, clear out their litter places, make sure they have enough food and give the kittens a lick now and again when their mother doesn’t have the time. You will be at Gladys disposal for any help she may need. When you arrive back from your mother’s farm the kittens will have their eyes open and be ready to slowly start eating normal food so you can organise that as well. If I notice that you do not fulfil your duties, you can go down to Long Tail Al in town, I am sure he would have a job for you.
Long Tail Al: No problem, Big Tom. The sewers have to be guarded now and again to make sure no kittens stray down there, and we need a look out on the church tower from time to time to make sure we are not being attacked from any foreign cats.
Mr. Grey: But the sewers smell and I havn’t got a head for heights.
Big Tom: If you look after Gladys kittens well enough you won’t have to go to town, will you Grey?. And just to add this Mr. will be taken away from your name, that has caused enough damage. You are now just Grey, although you should address Gladys as Madame Gladys.
Mr. Grey: Yes dad, can I go now.
Kimberley: We will wait until we are sure that Gladys has come through the birth ok and we will then depart together for the farm Grey.
Nera: Well Gladys has now had 5 kittens and it seems that everything is ok. 3 black ones like their dad, a grey one that has a bit from their dad and mum and a mixed one like their mum. You can now go to her One Eyed Fred.
One Eyed Fred: Are you sure, I think there’s anovver one coming.
Bobinette: ‘e is right, Gladys ‘ow are you.
Gladys: I am ok, but please wait Fred, we are going to have 6 kittens.
One Eyed Fred: Well I’ll be ‘ad. No. 6 ‘as just arrived. Well ‘e’s a big one ain’t ‘e and took ‘is time. Blimy, ‘es red ain’t he, I’ve never ‘ad a red kitten before. Where does ‘e come from. Looks a bit like someone I know. Long Tail Al, can you come ‘ere a minute?

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Long Tail Al: What’s up Fred?
One Eyed Fred: ‘ow comes me missus ‘as a big red kitten wiv a long tail and looks the spitting image of you?
Long Tail Al: Well Fred, you know ‘ow it is wiv us cats, especially the ladies. They can never ‘ave enough when they feel like it, and you were sleeping so nice and peaceful after yer paternal efforts, so I thought I would ‘elp Gladys out a bit. She didn’t seem to mind. Looks like one of yr kittens is Long Tail Al junior. Hope yer don’t mind Fred.
One Eyed Fred: Well let’s just say it’s a bit of a surprise, but as you say Al, these fings do ‘appen with the lady cats, so I suppose there ain’t much we can do about it.
Nera: Don’t worry Fred. I am sure Gladys loves you all the same, that little side step with Long Tail Al is probably normal, after all Tabby is my half sister and we grew up together with no problems.
One Eyed Fred: Spose yr right Nera, but it is a bit of a surprise. Now let’s see ‘ow Gladys is getting on. Just ‘ope none of the kittens looks like Slimy or Charlie, nah that wouldn’t be so good.
Long Tail Al: Don’t worry Fred, they wouldn’t dare touch one of our ladies without my permission, would you boys?
Charlie and Slimy together: No sir, never.
Long Tail Al: There you ‘ave it Fred, now it’s time for us to go and ave a lick of milk togevver if we find some, just to wet the kitten’s ‘eads as they say.
One Eyed Fred: ‘ow yr feeling Gladys. Fings ok now that the big red one ‘as arrived.
Gladys: I’m feeling fine Fred, kittens just settling down now for some milk.
One Eyed Fred: Well you better tell little Al, the red one – that’s wot we will call ‘im – that ‘e better make room for the rest. ‘e’s scoffing it all.
Gladys: Don’t worry, there is plenty of milk to go round, little Al just takes after his father I suppose.

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