Saturday, 13 October 2007

Reservoir Cats - 1

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Nera: At last for some peace and quiet. That was a very busy night. Tabby is still out in the field and Fluffy is sleeping somewhere. Think I will head for my favourite wardrobe seat while the going's good. As soon as Tabby arrives she will grab the best place, the cushion at the end of the cupboard where you have a view of everything. Better be quick – first jump up on the desk, then the TV and up onto the cupboard top. From there it’s only a short flight up to the wardrobe cushion. Am I glad I am at home first of all. Oh, I can hear the cat flap, Tabby’s coming.
Tabby: Wonder if my big sister Nera is already at home. I bet she’s already taken the front seat.
Nera: I heard that Tabby. You will have to take the cushion at the end, I am already settled for the day.
Tabby: You mean I have to take the cushion where you don’t see anything, the one where you don’t have a view of what’s going on.
Nera: Actually we are here for a day’s sleep, so I don’t see why it is so important to know what is going on when you are sleeping.
Tabby: Then why are you in the front cushion?
Nera: That’s different. I am bigger than you, and was born first so I have the first choice.
Tabby: You are not bigger, just more fluffy and that with the born first you can just forget. I was ready to go out and you gave me a push back with your hind leg and you went first.
Nera: I don’t remember.
Tabby: I didn’t think you would remember.
Fluffy: Hey, you two up there on the wardrobe – we have problems. Mrs. Human is a bit worked up down here. She is not very happy with us.
Nera: Mrs. Human is very rarely happy with us, but what’s wrong now.
Fluffy: She said something about a dead mouse outside on the porch under the table.
Nera: Well it wasn’t me, I didn’t find a mouse all night.
Tabby: I am innocent, the only mice I saw last night were faster than me.
Fluffy: Well the mice don’t just commit suicide on their own, so someone must have done it.
Tabby: I am sure it was that French miaowing cat Bobinette that lives next door.

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Fluffy: Forget it, she is on holiday with her humans.
Tabby: Cats don’t go on holiday with humans, they don’t like travelling away from their natural places.
Nera: The Frenchie next door doesn’t mind. She has been all over the place with her humans. First she lived in Switzerland, then she moved down to Italy – had quite a romantic episode down there she told me. Something about a tom called Romeo.
Tabby: Nera, I think Bobinette’s love life doesn’t really interest us cats here.
Fluffy: In any case, she doesn’t mind car rides, and now she is in the mountains for a few days with her humans.
Tabby: How comes everyone knows what the neighbours cat is doing and I don’t.
Nera: That is because as soon as she puts a paw in the garden you hiss at her and tell her to clear off instead of speaking with her.
Tabby: I don’t understand her and she is not like us.
Fluffy: I am not too keen on her, but she is a lot bigger than me, so I just go out of her way.
Nera: Ok, but who killed the mouse outside when it was none of us and Bobinette is on holiday.
Fluffy: There is only one suspect left and that can be only Mr. Grey.

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Tabby: I saw him in the field yesterday in the night, but he ran off when he saw me.
Nera: Now that is strange. Mr. Grey never runs away when he sees one of us. He fights with Fluffy, and chases Tabby away.
Tabby: Yes Nera, you are the only cat around here that sleeps next to him outside sometimes. Perhaps if you hadn’t been in such a hurry to get back home this morning to get the best pillow, he might have told you why he disappeared when I saw him.
Nera: Well if you must know I did see Mr. Grey as he overtook me on his way home, but we didn’t talk.
Fluffy: That’s strange – he always has a few words with you Nera.
Tabby: I know why he didn’t talk, because he had a mouse in his mouth, didn’t he Nera.
Nera: I didn’t notice it.
Tabby: Nera you never seem to notice important things like that. Now Mrs. Human is blaming us for the dead mouse outside.
Fluffy: Nera what do you say to that?
Nera: If Mrs. Human is at home, then it must be the week-end and she will be off shopping in an hour or so, meaning that she will have other things on her mind that one dead mouse. Fluffy, Tabby and I will now have our well deserved daily sleep and you can keep watch on the situation during the day.
Fluffy: You mean keep watch on Mr. Grey to make sure he doesn’t deposit any of his dead mice in our territory.
Nera: Something like that, although he will probably be having a cat nap as well today.
Tabby: I suppose poor Mr. Grey will be so tired after getting the only mouse available yesterday Hissss
Nera: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Fluffy: I think she is already sleeping Tabby
Fluffy: Typical, they can be glad that I keep an eye on things during the day.

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