Saturday, 27 October 2007

Mass Exodus

Today was a funny day as far as blogging platforms were concerned. I had been in Multiply for about a month now, busily copying all my 100 or so blogs to as a saving programme. After all we knew that 360 was slowly going downhill and had to be resuscitated now and again. Even Iwith my first aid experience could not help. He was just coughing and spluttering and now and again even shed a tear when he saw that the monster Mash was slowly moving in. 360 was very disappointed after all Mash couldn't even blog, he had to have assistance from rss feeds.

I decided it was time to see who else had escaped to Multiply and to invite a few friends. It seemed that today was the day to get to know everyone and meet old acquaintences. One of my blogging colleagues even invited me at the same time as when I invited him. Great blogging minds think alike. I think with time Multiply will be fun, just a matter of getting to know the system. And old 360, what will happen to him. Will he retire and go to the happy blogging grounds or will he strike back and come with something new, spontaneous, original and bugless as all good blogging sites should be. As time is running short, I would be surprised if anyone had heard of 360° Yahoo by the time the new, superior and fantastic version appears on the market. Another sad result could be that Yahoo blogging system goes bankrupt as the dollars will not be flowing any more. Even Mash had an attack of blogging flu yesterday and it took him a whole day to recover. Mash is the progressional form of blogging. You don''t even have to blog in Mash, just blurt and you can even have stuff. Multiply I will stay with you at the moment. I am beginning to even like you.

What else did we do today. I managed to escape again this afternoon and found my way in town. Unfortunately there were no two empty parking spaces in the parking house today, but as I only had to fit myself between a post and another car I decided to risk it, aiming mainly at the post to make sure I would not annoy the car owner. The car guardian angel must have been looking after me today, as I managed to fit my car into the small space with no damage, although it was at a sort of 45° angle which didn't bother me. It might have bothered the Swiss, however, they like things to be neat and in place.

What did I do in town - I went on a shopping spree and thoroughly enjoyed it. Just for I, me and myself. I actually only saw the inside of one clothing shop, the one that specialises for women with larger sizes (funny that I saw no-one of the younger generation in the shop). I managed to find my car again and manoevered out of the parking space. As I drove towards our underground car park where I live, I noticed the local farmer had put his cows onto the small field around the corner. My camera hand started twitching, so I arrived home, dumped the 3 carrier bags full of my tropies and said hi to Mr Swiss and goodbye, just have to deal with something round the corner and off I was. I left my handbag at home and just had the camera with me. There were a few cows munching grass and scratching and doing other cow-like things, so the result was a small video. The cows did not appreciate this as they started walking away - silly cows. The noise in the background towards the end of the film is our local "road train".

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