Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Reservoir Cats - 6

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Nera: So, Grey it’s time to go back home.
Mr. Grey: I told you not to address me as Grey. I am Mr. Grey.
Nera: Your Mr. Grey days are over, Big Tom was not so happy with your performance.
Mr. Grey: I am afraid I don’t remember very much, seemed to be sleeping most of the time.
Bobinette: If I remember rightly you were singing songs and cat nipping all the time. I don’t think you made such a good impression on the gatto di tutti gatti.
Mr. Grey: Well I didn’t have much choice did I? What would you two cats do if someone left a kilo of catnip in front of your cat door. You try it out to see if it’s good stuff.
Nera: But not when you are getting prepared for a meeting with Big Tom. It seems you have now fallen into disgrace and your boss days are over in our territory.
Mr. Grey: Oh yes, and who says so?
Bobinette: Big Tom ‘as ordered that in a month Romeo will take over the organisation in our part of the village, and will move in with me of course.
Mr. Grey: Romeo? The Italian cat, the one that’s always hanging around the kitchen entrance of the pizzeria down the road.
Bobinette: Romeo is a very well educated cat, ‘e always knows what to say at the right time, and ‘ad a very good training in Italy. We went on many ‘appy mouse catching expeditions. I remember the fun we ‘ad in Venice around the canals.
Nera: Bobinette, I sometimes have a feeling that you and Romeo were more than just friends.
Bobinette: Let’s just say we were a good team and enjoyed life. But we were then much younger.
Mr. Grey: Can we stop reminiscing over life with the Italian gigolo and talk about how things are now to be. You don’t really expect me to clear my own mice away, someone of my high rank.
Nera: Forget it, Grey, your high rank collapsed in a pile of cat nip. From now on, Bobinette and I are taking over until Romeo arrives. Daddy Big Tom said that you are now the official cleaner, if we need one, together with Tabby.
Mr. Grey: Together with Tabby, that catnip junkie. She doesn’t like me and I don’t like her. Do you really think I am going to accept all this. Big Tom might be powerful around here, but there are other cats that have had their eye on his job for some time.
Nera: And since when does big mouth Mr. Grey know other cats.
Mr. Grey: You will see. Just down the road we have the town. Those town cats don’t live on mice and vitamin pellets from humans, they go out hunting for their meals. They don’t catch mice, but rats, almost as big as your stupid little brother Fluffy. I am not staying much longer around here to be insulted by two stupid sisters, a funny cat with curly fur and one that miaows with a French accent. And if that Romeo turns up here on my patch, just tell him to be careful. Mr. Grey will be back sooner than you think.
Nera: Big deal.
Bobinette: Let ‘im go Nera. I am sure this place will be much better without ‘im.
Mr. Grey: I will be here during the day, can’t let my humans down, they would be disappointed if I disappeared, but my night life is my own thing. I will go and see Long tail Al, he is in charge in town. I just have to take the rest of the cat nip with me as a sign of my respect and I will be high in his favour.
Nera: Long tail Al? You must be joking, he can’t walk four steps without tripping over his tail and his gang are a real weird bunch.
Bobinette: We are nearly ‘ome, I can smell my ‘ouse already. Let’s all go ‘ome and sleep over things.
Nera: Good idea Bobinette, I can see Tabby and Fluffy waiting in the garden.
Mr. Grey: I still feel a bit groggy, so will go to my humans for the day for a sleep. They really appreciate me and my good looks.
Nera: Some humans do have funny tastes – never could understand what they see in a grey haired cat.
Tabby: Hi Nera, how did things go, did our plan work?
Mr. Grey: What plan? Did I miss something?
Nera: Tabby, go home and sleep, you are still hallucinating from your catnip trip.
Tabby: I mean the plan to get Grey discredited with Big Tom.
Mr. Grey: What do I hear? This was all a plan.
Bobinette: Grey, you know it is only the clever cats that win a fight.
Nera: Tabby remind me to give you a hiss and a paw push when we are indoors. Grey, you have been had, I will be quite honest, but it was worth it. Now you go down to your town cat friends and tell them all about how the country cats made a fool of you in front of Big Tom, gatto di tutti gatti. They might have a laugh as well.
Mr. Grey: hisssssss. Just wait, my revenge will come.

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