Friday, 19 October 2007

Reservoir Cats - 4

Nera: So, Bobinette, how did the search go for some catnip. Don’t forget we have to have everything ready for this evening. If Grey really gets slap happy I will have to take Tabby with me to help push him along.
Bobinette: Well, I think we may ‘ave a little problem wiv Tabby.
Nera: “A little problem” what do you mean.
Bobinette: I found enough catnip and Tabby came to ‘elp me.
Nera: Now that wasn’t very intelligent. Tabby is a catnip junkie.
Bobinette: Yes, I know that now, but I thought ‘e just wanted to ‘elp. At the beginning ‘e was a big ‘elp, but suddenly ‘e started rolling on the ground and ‘is eyes got so big and dreamy.
Nera: And where is he now?
Bobinette: “E suddenly jumped into the compost bin and ‘e is now sleeping off ‘is trip or whatever it is called. ‘E seems to be very ‘appy.
Nera: “E might be very ‘appy, but he isn’t going to be very happy tomorrow when he is back to the real world again. So how am I going to move a Mr. Grey this evening when we go and visit Big Tom.
Bobinette: I will come with you, I know the way and I am big and much stronger than Tabby. Nera: Ok, Bobinette then it’s a deal. Now where is the catnip?
Bobinette: The catnip is now in front of Mr. Grey’s cat flap – now we just have to wait to see what ‘appens.

Later that evening ……

Fluffy: I am so excited, Nera - Mr. Grey will be coming out of his home soon. It is a shame that Tabby can’t be here as well, but the last I saw she had fallen out of the compost bin and is now sleeping peacefully under the apple tree.
Nera: Yes Fluffy, and I hope that a few apples fall on Tabby’s head and wake her up. Now be quiet the Grey monster is coming.
Fluffy: Yes I can hear and smell him.
Mr. Grey: Now that was a nice dream I had – I was somewhere in a country where only catnip was growing and nothing else. It was cat nirvana pure. But what do we have here, perhaps I didn’t dream, there in front of my cat flap a pile of catnip and how it smells. So fresh and relaxing, although I have to be careful, meeting my dad this evening. He doesn’t drink milk and doesn’t like cats that get high on catnip. But if I just try a little bit, I am sure no-one will notice.
Bobinette: Look Nera Mr. Grey has buried ‘is nose into the cat nip.
Nera: Let’s just be patient and wait a few minutes, catnip doesn’t take long to work.
Tabby: Hi boys and girls, oops, who put that twig in the way. Almost fell over it.
Nera: One thing we don’t need now is a cat high on catnip. Tabby I will speak to you tomorrow. Mrs. Human has left her cupboard open again, so go a have a sleep there.
Tabby: You mean the cupboard with the comfortable soft clothes that smell so sweet. I’m off Nera see you tomorrow.

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Nera: Well that got rid of him, how is the situation?
Bobinette: Grey seems to be swaying a bit. I think we will have to get him now while he can still walk, otherwise he might go on a trip, and we cannot carry him.
Nera: Good evening Mr. Grey, shall we go and visit Big Tom now.
Mr. Grey: Already, but it is so nice a peaceful out here. Bobinette how nice to see and your twin sister..
Nera: There is only one Bobinette Mr. Grey
Mr. Grey: You don’t have to be so formal with me Nera, just call me Grey, and you have your brother with you as well.
Bobinette: Nera, I sink that ‘e is seeing double.
Nera: Ok, but let’s go otherwise it will get too late. So Grey let’s go for a walk on such a nice moonlight night, I am sure Big Tom is impatiently waiting to see us and hear the latest news from our revier. Bobinette will be coming with us.
Mr. Grey: Oh yes, a walk in the moonlight with 4 cats, that’s wonderful. My daddy will be so pleased to see us all.
Bobinette: I sink ‘is daddy will not be so ‘appy.
Nera: So let’s go, you just follow us Grey.
Grey: No problem, I will walk between you and your brother
Nera: We will take the path through the woods, it is safer and we might even find a few mice on the way. We could bring them as a present to Big Tom.
Mr. Grey: I have already got something as a present, I have some catnip in my fur for him.
Bobinette: I am sure ‘e will be delighted. Nera, where is your brother?
Nera: It’s ok, Bobinette, he is still hallucinating.
Bobinette: Well we ‘ave been walking for ‘alf and ‘our, so should be there soon. There is a cat by the tree there. Why it’s my old friend Romeo from Italy. Romeo, what a surprise, buona sera.
Romeo: Who do I see there, Bobinette, it has been a long time. But who do you have with you.
Bobinette: That is my friend Nera. She is my neighbour and we share our gardens. What are you doing here Romeo?
Romeo: I am now working for Big Tom, gatto di tutti gatti, as his consigliere and I have to keep an eye on the territoria and make sure no-one intrudes on his territoria without permissione. But you have figlio grigio (Mr. Grey) with you, he does not look so good.
Mr. Grey: Ciao Romeo, how’s dad, I have come to see him. Let’s sing a song to let him know we are here. Miaow, Miaow, I feel so happy, miaow, miaow
Romeo: Piano, piano, you will wake all the cats and dogs up for miles around us.
Nera: I am afraid Mr. Grey is a little bit addicted to catnip now and again.
Bobinette: We try our best to hide it from him, but he is such a clever strong cat and always finds it.
Big Tom: WHAT IS ALL THIS NOISE ABOUT. I was having my afternoon sleep and contemplating how to organise my family and it seems that someone is having a party outside my front door. Grey what are you doing rolling around on the ground and making such a noise. Catastrofia.

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