Thursday, 18 October 2007

Bits and Pieces

What will happen when Nera meets Big Tom and will Mr. Grey disgrace himself in front of his father? Will Bobinette’s plan succeed? I am afraid you will have to wait until the week-end as being a working woman I don’t always get round to doing what I would like to do.

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We had some fun in the office this week. It seems the management are never happy about how we are positioned. We have had a change round at least 3 times this year and there were even a few people that “voluntarily” went to work on Saturday to help with the moving. This is the latest view of my working place. I am very happy with it. I try to avoid moving too much and now I have the ideal situation. First of all the computer on the desk and cupboard space surrounding me which means everything is within reach. I even have a nice office chair with wheels on which means I don’t have to stand up, but just give a push and off I am. The printer and fax are also bordering on my work complex which means just give the chair a shove, roll along, reach out with your hand and you already have the printed sheets or fax in hand.

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I only wish I had such a good system at home, although working is for money and what you do at home are really hobbies. Take ironing for an example. We women love to iron. There is nothing better than a shirt that has been washed. I have a record of two minutes per shirt. First of all the collar, then the right sleeve and right front, followed by the left sleeve and left front and to finish the back. Having 2 sons and a husband this has been developed to perfection over the years, although since hubby is retired the shirts have decreased. Another problem coupled with having too many males in the family is the sock wash. The men go with the times and fashion. Perhaps white socks are “in”, and then it might be that the fashion changes and black socks are back again. It’s fun after a sock wash to put them together in pairs, especially if they are all the same colour and different sizes. Personally I prefer the fashion to be with various designs then at least you know what socks belong together. For a really big triumph it is fun when the linen is changed on the beds. Sheets now fit on the beds, so that little job has disappeared. However we have the continental duvet covers to iron. Unforunately the ironing board big enough has not yet been developed, so you have to do that in two halves. I am really a lucky woman as I can actually carry out that hobby outside. We have a plug in the wall and my ironing is often done outside in Summer. On the photo you can even see my hobby room in the background known as kitchen.

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