Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Fun with the Firemen

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Our first aid group in the local village decided on a day out with the firemen as is usually the custom once a year. Last year they decided to practice rescuing the children from the burning local schoolhouse (imaginary of course) and this year there was a fire fighting demonstration showing the public how to do it properly and inviting them to participate. We were also there with our own 1st aid stand and organised a small quiz for the children together with their parents, the main theme being what to do when an accident happens, the treatment of burns (naturally with wonderfully coloured photographs of the injuries) and a march with a stretcher carrying a plastic cup full with water around a local tree, the idea being that the water should not be spilt. There was also the opportunity to bandage a foot or hand. Our main aim was to attract the public to become members of our association.

The firemen gave a wonderful demonstration of flames and fire. Unfortunately the means of extinguishing the fire was also coupled with chemicals to stop the fire, producing a vast cloud which forced most of us to take refuge now and again when it was difficult to breathe and the eyes started burning. We were told that it was not dangerous, but in spite of this we decided to disappear when that particular demonstration took place.

It was amusing to see the children rehearsing how to be a fireman and extinguish the fire. Naturally for safety reasons they were dressed in the appropriate clothing. As the smaller sizes were not available there were many proud parents watching their toddlers dressed in fireman’s coats reaching to the ground and with helmets covering their eyes and ears.

Of course the fire engine was also present as well as the extendable ladder. No unexpected accidents or fires occurred. It was mostly locals from the two villages that attended the event so basically everyone knew everyone else. The day came to an end with an evening meal for our team and the firemen. I am not sure whether there was a b-b-q with grilled food as I did not attend but if there was and it got out of hand I am sure there were enough fire fighters there to put out the flames.

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