Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Fluffy's Birthday - 4 years old

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Tabby: Hey, Nera it was Fluffy’s birthday yesterday.
Nera: “And???”
Tabby: I thought we were supposed to do something, like a “Be kind to Fluffy Day” or something in that style.
Nera: We were kind to Fluffy yesterday. I didn’t spit at him or push him out of the way with my paw. That was being considerate.
Tabby: Nera if I remember rightly you slept most of the day outside on a chair and Fluffy was inside, so you didn’t really get near enough to play your usual “I am the boss” role.
Nera: I didn’t notice you giving Fluffy a nose sniff or bringing him one of your mice from the safari you were on yesterday. So who was being inconsiderate?. Just to add I do not play the boss, I am the boss.
Tabby: I only caught two mice and ate them before coming home so there was nothing left for Fluffy.
Nera: Typical, you really only think of yourself.
Tabby: I am a cat, not Pestalozzi. And since when do you think of others first of all.
Nera: If I remember rightly Tabby, it was your great idea to shower Fluffy with presents and good will advances, not mine. How do you know it was Fluffy’s birthday yesterday?
Tabby: Well I wasn’t sleeping all day like you were, but had both ears in all directions listening and also using my sight. First of all Mr. And Mrs. Human were talking about it and wondering what to give him for his birthday. Then the computer was running on the cat forum site and there were a few people that were congratulating Fluffy to his birthday.
Nera: And what did Mr. And Mrs. Human give Fluffy as a present. I didn’t notice any surprises around here, like an extra ration of tuna fish or kitty bits.
Tabby: That was because you were sleeping outside all day. Mrs. Human said something about we had tuna the day before yesterday, and if they put the tuna out again the other two – did she mean us? – would be helping themselves as well and Nera has put enough weight on lately.
Nera: Hisssss – remind me to scratch Mrs. Human the next time she tries to stroke me. Well, look who’s coming – it’s birthday boy.
Fluffy: Hi cats, anything interesting going on?
Tabby: Well I was just saying to Nera.......
Nera: Yes, Tabby was just mentioning that the rain had now stopped and we could spend some time outside in the garden.
Tabby: Nera I just wanted to tell Fluffy....
Nera: I am sure Fluffy is not interested in your feline waffle
Fluffy: I don’t know what’s going on. I just wanted to say I did have fun yesterday evening. You know you two always spend half the night away and I have to stay at home as my sight isn’t what it used to be. Well, while you were gone Mrs. Human cooked some chicken breast and minced it up for me and I had a whole dish to myself. That was really good.
Nera: She did what? And me and Tabby had nothing. Fluffy you didn’t even save anything for us two.
Fluffy: Mrs. Human said something about better late than never and mentioned birthday. I think it must have been my birthday yesterday. Anyhow the chicken breast was fine, and I didn’t save anything for your two as she said it was only for me. I thought that we cats don’t share, at least my mum told me take what you can, otherwise the others will take it. My mum was a very wise cat and had many litters so she was quite good at bringing us kittens up. She always told us a cat has one motto in life. I, me and myself. I always thought you two were of the same opinion
Nera coughs and nearly chokes
Nera: Of course, Fluffy, it is cat philosophy to take what you get and not take into consideration others that might be sharing the home with you. I am sure Tabby agrees with his boss, don’t you Tabby
Tabby: Hiss, Hiss – of course Nera, you are the boss and what you says goes. Fluffy was there any chicken breast left after you stuffed it down on your own.
Fluffy: Well it was for my birthday, perhaps your two might get something on your birthday.
Tabby: So I suppose we will have to wait until April in that case.
Nera: Make a point Tabby, In April we will not go out in the evening.
Fluffy: Bye girls, I have to go to my cat box and then sleep a little.
Tabby: Has he gone Nera.
Nera: Yes he has disappeared thank goodness. I can’t stand showoffs
Tabby: Neither can I.

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