Tuesday, 21 August 2007

A grill party with the local 1st aid group

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On our annual plan of the first aid group in the village there was the title „Grillabend“ meaning lets all go and have a b-b-q together. I once mentioned in a blog that I am not the grill type, but being probably the only one, I did not want to spoil the evening. The weather had been super during the week up to Wednesday. Thursday was reported to be dull and overcast, which was the evening we chose. However, not wanting to be the odd one out I religiously bought my marinated steak and bread in preparation for the culinary evening.

We usually go up on the mountain in the local hut where there is a fully equipped kitchen and grill place outside. However, due to the change in the weather it was decided to spend the evening at the local school. This sounds strange probably, but Swiss schools in villages are usually settled in the middle of fields and nice green places. At this particular school house, the grill was outside. An enormous fixture fitted with a lever for adapting the height of the actual grill. Seating was provided on suitable stone benches, but the evening being rather cool we decided this would not be very healthy. Luckily the grill was just near the entrance to our room where we met, so the table was laid out inside.

One of us was quite professional when it came to grilling and she had a roaring fire going after ten minutes. Roaring fires are not good for grilling, so we waited another ten minutes until it was a glowing mass. There were about 10 of us that plucked up the courage to go grilling on that evening. So there we were standing in our warm cardigans and jackets waiting to grill. The command was given and we put our meat over the glowing cinders. We do have a man in our group (the only one actually) but he did not come that evening so it was a woman only thing. It was quite a grill mixture. We had sausages, beef, pork and someone even brought fish. The fish was quite a sticky opportunity so we rescued it by putting aluminium foil underneath, otherwise half would have remained on the grill.

Eventually the “cooking” was finished and after piling our grill goods onto plates we took them to the warmth of the room. Actually it didn’t really rain outside, the heavens just looked a bit threatening. A bottle of wine was opened (or was it two bottles) and we washed our meal down with the wine. One of the women brought a self backed damson tart which went down very well with whipped cream (from an aerosol canister).

A detailed and prolonged discussion started about the local news from the village which made me realise how much I miss when I am at work all day. Arrangements were made for who will go to which occasion for the next life saving duties. There is an open day at the local agricultural college which needs the presence of first aid help in the case of something happening. Then there is the village Olympics where our help will also be needed. I decided there were enough to help out so I will just make myself busy dealing with the accounts. Most of all I like being on duty when there is a pop concert in the local school house. You get to hear some good music sometimes (although I did not really enjoy the hip-hop concert and the punk music concert).

In any case we all went home tired but happy and hope that next year’s grill evening will have some better weather. During our grilling this little cat got curious and observed the situation, probably hoping for something falling out of the fire.

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