Sunday, 19 August 2007

And the Day started so well

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It was just a normal morning really. I got ready to take my son to work by car, but afterwards had to go to the chiropractice. It was raining, and a bit of a nip in the air, but the air was fresh. On the way to the chiro I pass the entrance to a park belong to an appartement area. Very picturesque, so I took a photo. I had to park my car about 5 minutes away from the surgery as the roads are being renewed and our new bridge was getting the final touches.

After the "treatment" I walked back to my car, not without noticing that the whole town seems to start resembling a building site.

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Machines everywhere - if they were not yet in place they were being put into place. To cross the main road was doing a tightrope job, although they had officials directing the traffic.

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Eventually I managed to cross the road noticing that the pavement was one mess of plastic tubes, drains with their lids removed and other such objects. Eventually I managed to get past the objects and then it happened. No excuse, no reason, probably not being very agile any more - I fell over. All 1 meter 75 and 84 kilos heavy fell down. There was naturally no knight in shining armour standing nearby, and if anyone was standing nearby they certainly did not notice that there was a damsel in distress laying full out flat on the pavement.

After I realised that I was still alive I decided to try and get in the upright position. It seems that the left side of my face helped to break the fall, as well as my two knee caps. As this accident happed about 10 steps away from my General Practitioner's practice I decided to call on him on an emergency visit. I met two ladies in the lift who asked me if I had had an accident (by then my left eye was no longer blue, but a shade of brown) and I eventually got to the doc's waiting room. The assistant told me I could see the doc in about 30 minutes so I sat down in the waiting room. A gentleman patient asked me if I had been attacked or what had happened - probably more out of curiosity than anything else. Eventually I got to the doc and he prodded to see if anything was broken. Finding me in one piece, but remarking that my knee cap would probably be painful for the next few days and I would develop quite a bruise on one side of my face, he told me to stay at home in the morning and if I felt up to it, I could go to work in the afternoon.

I phoned up hubby to warn him that a lookalike of Cassius Clay was coming home and stayed at home in the morning. Thank goodness for Swiss accident insurance. They will compensate my loss of time at work in the morning, and also pay an amount towards the new glasses I will have to get as the ones I was wearing at the time of the accident are no longer usable. Thank goodness for the second pair I had in the car.

When I arrived at work in the afternoon I was quite a centre of attention, especially as it often happens that I do fall down when I should not. I think there was more curiosity to see what I looked like. A most memorable occasion was when I broke my arm on Tower Bridge in London whilst I was staying a week with my dad on holiday. Needless to say 3 days of the holiday were spent in the local hospital. I just hope that I do not have any adventures on my way to work tomorrow.

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